The Burberry Bases Edit

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What better way to round off April than to talk about the makeup loves that are Burberry bases? It's no secret that I'm a fan of this luxury range and I thought it about time I just sat down and talked to you about the bases I've been loving. They offer a decent shade range on most fronts, lasting formulations and provide some of the most beautiful finishes I've tried in my years of makeup discovery. As someone who struggles to purchase affordable foundations and BB creams (due to the lack of shade matches) I'm usually forced to climb the price ladder. Thus, nearly every foundation I've owned has been mid-range to high end and I can safely say that Burberry tick all the boxes and have been my favourite to date.

6 Things I Loved in April

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April has disappeared in the blink of an eye and that makes me a little anxious. We are a third through this year now. Crazy. However, as I did last month, I wanted to reflect on some of the positives so that I can start another month with refreshed and positive vibes. So that I don't sound like a broken record, I am still loving everything I mentioned last month. Daily exercise and yoga is still in check and blogging is on a roll. I actually wrote about how I blog daily if you're interested? Back to the six things...

Beauty TrendWatch: Peel Off Makeup

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For this edition of trendwatch I'm bringing you another novelty from the Korean beauty world: peel off makeup. Upon hearing the term "peel off" in association with makeup it's hard to envision. Essentially, it's makeup that you apply, peel off and then it leaves you with a tint or stain that is supposed to last for days. The lasting time is based on how long you leave it on for before peeling off.

On first glance, it sounds pretty exciting. I'd love to be able to have a pretty wash of colour on the lips that doesn't smear or fade away when I'm enjoying a meal out. I have quite pale lips which contrast a lot with my skin tone and tend to make me look ill. So I'm always conscious of having at least a tinted lip balm on whilst I'm out and about. But enough about me, let's get onto the cool part.