The Rundown On Instagram Business Accounts

The Rundown On Instagram Business Profiles

In the last week, Instagram's option to switch to a business profile has begun to roll out more widely. I was curious because the thought of having snazzy Instagram analytics is just too appealing. To check whether the option to switch is available to you, on your profile click the vertical ... and scroll down to the Account section and it should be under "Blocked Users". If not, check back in a week or so (and bookmark this post for later). Note: you CAN switch back to a personal account if you wish.

Now, here's where things get interesting...

That One Time There Was an Epic Picnic #BloggerPitP

#BloggerPitP picnic park blogger event

#BloggerPitP picnic park blogger event

That one time there was an epic picnic was Saturday afternoon in Hyde Park. Food, friendly faces and froyo. I had been excited for this picnic from weeks before (which is strange if you know me because socialising just fuels my awkwardness) but nothing was going to get in the way of me meeting some of the amazing people I've been chatting with on social this year. And it most certainly did not disappoint. I had an incredible time, despite getting lost in the beginning walking through half the park. I wanted to share some of the highlights of the afternoon because the ladies who organised this did an incredible job. Down to the smallest of details, they'd thought of everything and I'm secretly hoping they will be so kind as to host another even together in the future. (If any of you ladies are reading this, I'm up for helping too).

6 Tips For Getting Back Into Exercise After An Extended Break

motivation tips exercise habit fitness

As someone who exercised every day for months, I thought that after taking an extended break of 5 weeks it was going to be very difficult to get back into it. It wasn't so much a worry of having broken a habit but rather I was concerned about losing the ability, strength and the joy I once gained from an afternoon session of cardio or strength training. As it turns out, I was wrong about a lot of things. So, here are 6 tips I learnt from my extended exercise break.


beauty empties skincare pixi biore sheet masks tony moly

I haven't written up an addition of The Beauty Bin since May. It's taken me awhile to start building up a queue of finished products because I've found myself trying a lot of new things lately. Mostly Korean beauty products that I've been loving for changing up my skincare routine and discovering new ingredients and innovations. A handful of these empties have become firm favourites for me and I'm battling between wanting to repurchase these and trying something new. 

Skincare To Keep That Post-Workout Glow

Skincare Post-Workout Glow Kiehl's Superfacialist fruit enzymes exfoliation

After a good workout, you always want to keep the good stuff going. The energy, the endorphins and that radiant post-workout glow. Whilst there's only so much you can do to maintain the first two, I've been reaching for two skincare favourites to keep that healthy glow in check. The right enzymes, vitamins and exfoliation can make a world of difference and it helps that both of these skincare gems give out that refreshing vibe too.

Bold Summer Lipsticks

Bold Summer Lipsticks MDM Flow YSL Glo Ray Fabled

Just in case you haven't already got an arsenal of bold lipstick picks for your Summer holidays, I've got you covered. I may spend most of my days alternating between wearing a nude lip liner or lip balm but I do love a good bold lip from time to time. Here are a couple of my non-red favourites that not only suit darker skin tones well but have great formulations for excellent lasting power and mess free application.