Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Discussing New Makeup Brushes

I don't often get the urge to try new makeup brushes. I've been comfortable with my array of Real Techniques brushes and honestly, I love a good product that applies best with fingers. However, I've been hearing passing whispers that Zoeva brushes are pretty darn good so thought I'd give one a go. In fact, it was whilst watching a Lisa Eldridge video over breakfast I decided to get the 110 Face Brush. This is a small and densely packed brush that I've been loving to buff in my concealer both under the eyes and around the face. It blends product in so nicely and if I'm having a dry skin day doesn't cause my skin to shed further. Definitely soft and feels like a good quality keeper. 

I also thought I'd pop in the bdellium 945 brush, I love the design of this one. It's a lot lighter and the bristles are more fanned out. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to use this for but I've found myself picking this up to apply a highlight from the Mai Couture Glowgeous Trio. It does the job well because it doesn't deposit or pick up too much product. However, I do find it's a bit pokey and not as soft as the Zoeva brush. I'm not convinced by this one but I'll definitely be looking into a couple other Zoeva brushes. I love the look of the Silk Finish Brush and the mini stippling because, well, I just have a thing for those kinds of brushes.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser

I've fallen in love with a cream cleanser. Although I'm a crazy cleanser collector/hoarder and obsessive, cream and foam formulations were the two I never seemed to get along well with. However, Aurelia's Miracle Cleanser** is the first to have a long standing place in the front row of my beauty cabinet. Unlike a balm, a thick, luxurious cream such as this will not feel heavy on the skin. It massages into dry skin beautifully smoothly and gives you the opportunity for a little facial massaging and skin TLC. A jar full of gorgeous ingredients (baobab, mongongo oil, hibiscus to name a few) means I want this as my second cleanse. Yes, it removes the remaining scraps of makeup left behind after an oil cleanse but this is cleansing the skin and treating it.

Eucalyptus, chamomile, rosemary and bergamot essential oils makes this smell incredible. Of course, I'd say that about all Aurelia products but it really adds to the experience to have that calming and relaxing scent to inhale. Not to mention the added benefits of the aforementioned (anti-inflammatory, decongesting, soothing and uplifting).

I do think that a joint star of the show has to be their bamboo muslin cloths. You get one in the box with this cleanser but I've run out to buy the box set which has one for each day of the week, They're incredibly soft but do the job of removing this cream well, whilst gently buffing and cleansing the skin and over the eyes to get off any pesky mascara left behind. They hold the heat of the hot water well to really bring out the scents of the essential oils and open the pores. I've washed mine several times and they're still in great condition and as soft as ever. I'm reaching for these with every balm cleanser I use now too and to remove face masks. 


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