Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Commuters Makeup Bag

This is unlikely to be the contents of the average commuters makeup bag. Too much? Too little? You tell me. Before I start though, I'd just like to give a big err "womanly" high-five to all of those ladies out there who manage to juggle the circus act of applying their makeup on a moving train. Not only is it a task I couldn't bare to do in public, it also requires a steady hand to apply eyeliner and mascara alike whilst speeding through a tunnel!

My original makeup bag is a lot more roomy but it's currently "out of office" and into the washing machine. Hand cream and a scent are absolute musts for me. The Yes! Nurse hand creams are by far the best I've tried. They're not overly thick in consistency but keep you hands soft and hydrated even after you wash them. It was designed for nurses, after all. Le soft Perfumes have become my new little obsession. Zazou is a gorgeous floral-ish scent that balances between feminine and heady spice very well. These aren't greasy on the skin and are so easy to apply.

Touch ups are my biggest concern. NARS Concealer for under the eyes (rarely used throughout the day), Maybelline Fit Me for covering blemishes - I can't leave home without this one. That tiny bottle is full of Lancome Miracle Teint. It was my sample that I decant into every now and again. It's good to have some extra foundation to hand, especially if I hadn't actually put any on to begin with. Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer is pretty decent over makeup to remove excess shine and add a little hydration.

Weleda Skin Food and a lone DHC Olive Oil Swab are there just for "emergencies". Extras include the Eye of Horus eye liner which I keep just in case I'm going out after work and want to look less bug eyed. Colour in a balmy stick is my favourite choice (Rimmel or Revlon). I usually layer these on and convince myself I've created a new shade that suits me. REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm is my favourite to add a glossy finish or if I'm not in the mood for lip colour at all.

Monday, 21 April 2014

3 Ways to Prep a Makeup Base

There is usually a choice between three roads I can go down after my skincare routine. Each of which leads to a prepped face ready for some makeup application (light or indulgent). The usual route is to get some coverage going with either a BB cream or tinted skin perfector of sorts. Currently, I've been (surprsingly) loving the REN Satin Perfection BB Cream. This silicone free offering has colour adaptive technology in it meaning that it is suitable for a range of light to medium skin tones. I wasn't convinced by such beauty magic but after using this sample tube for something close to 10 days - I think it's awesome! Non-oily, provides a natural finish that's not drying or matte and works to blur imperfections a little too. It also aims to boost a radiant complexion and long term use is said to have skincare benefits. Regardless of that, it gives the instant results I need and a full sized bottle of this is definitely on the cards.

When my skin gets horrendously dry, due to cold weather or post-dermaroller treatment, I know I've got to bring out this bad boy. The first time I tried Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant was only a month or so ago. Yes, I'm a new lover of this cult classic. Honestly, the smell put me off at first and the scarily thick (read: gloopy) texture. However, in a moment of desperation I slathered this across an entire patch of my face and it did the trick! I'm a lot more light handed with it now, just patting it onto the areas I need it. Once it has settled in, I can apply concealer or foundation well without having flaking or caking issues. Perfect over blemishes that are on their way out or even flaking skin caused by long term use of antibiotics etc.

This last one was an in the moment trial that has managed to wedge itself into my routine. Better known for their Lifting Ampoules, Coup d'eclat also produce a range of other skincare products one of which being this Hydra Smoothing Perfecting Base*. It pumps out as a very light almost gel-like consistency and spreads very easily. A little in the palm of the hands, spread and patted into the skin is all it takes. It smells clean like a standard soap and leaves this smooth, silky texture to the skin much like you'd expect from any decent primer. It also provides a slightly mattified finish so it's great for the t-zone. Probably very difficult to get hold of here in the UK but it's an interesting discovery. It makes me curious about their Lifting Ampoules now.

*Provided from work for personal use. I've chosen to write about it  here because I thought it was an interesting product.