Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pixi Beauty | Top 3 Skintreats

Pixi Skincare Top Picks
When I finally got my hands on a bottle of the highly coveted Pixi Glow Tonic I was pretty chuffed. This is the exfoliating toner that doesn't disappoint, lives up to all the hype and was the first installment to pave the way for a successful skincare range. I'm on my second bottle of this gorgeous orange "nectar for the skin". It's done wonders to refine my skin's texture, boost my dull complexion and banish that lack-lustre grey. 5% glycolic acid and packed with aloe and witch hazel, this has not given me any trouble to use daily even on my sensitive skin. I've been using this for many months now and feel confident to report that this gentle but consistent level of chemical exfoliation has aided in fading my acne scars and allowing my skin to repair.

After striking gold with this gem, it was only natural I'd be intrigued by the range of further skincare items they brought out not too long ago. These two stood out to me as absolute winners. The Beauty Sleep Cream was talked about in my Bedside Beauty Vibes post. This is thick but silky an luxurious. It's like massaging a very light, whipped butter onto your skin leaving it plumped and nourished into the next morning. Perfect for drier, dehydrated skins but also great for other skin types as an overnight treatment considering we are entering the coldest time of year. I'm also not so secretly loving the packaging design because a tube means I can saw off the top and get every last bit of this wonderful stuff out. 

I love a good face mask and Glow Mud Mask is a dreamy kaolin clay and sea salt based one. It's got that deep detox element down (great to target the t-zone with) but also contains aloe, ginseng and rosemary which is what gives this mask that lift to good facial status. I left this on for 20 minutes by which point it was dry but not hard so that your face feels tight and uncomfortable. It washes off so easily with just water which I love and left my skin feeling so refreshed and firm but also looking 10 times better than it did before with a radiant and decongesting boost. It's not one of those masks that brings everything gross to the top of your skin pronto so it's actually a great pick me up before a party or special occasion.

Effective and well priced skincare that packs a punch in the "get the glow" department. Have you tried anything from the Pixi Skintreats range?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Winter Morning Skincare Routine

 Winter Morning Skincare Routine
The brightness of my Lumie light always wakes me up before the alarm sounds. After I left uni, the doors to becoming a morning person opened for me and I couldn't be happier about it. I wrote about my Sunday morning routine and I try to keep every morning along the same lines. As long as it's quiet, calm and giving out chilled vibes I feel positive about the day ahead. Of course, let's be honest, that's not how many of these mornings go but let a girl dream. This is mostly about the skincare anyway.

Combing my hair into a top bun and cleansing my skin is always first thing. Not only does it wake me up fully but I feel more comfortable with a clean, fresh face. It's also ideal when greeting other humans who live in the house. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my most reached for choice. It's light, hydrating and leaves the skin with a nice glow. Massaging this into the skin is always a nice way to add a moment of facial massage into the morning routine. If my skin feels particularly gross the Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is perfect. Applied in circular motions onto wet skin it wakes you up and gives your face a thorough clean without drying it out. This lathers to a soft, silky texture. It's such a gentle formulation and the scent of roses is so beautiful - you can even see slithers of rose petals embedded in the cleansing stick. Another gem from the K Beauty world!

The water is hard where I live. I like to boost the hydration with the added bonus of a morning glow with Pixi Glow Mist. Shake and spritz, it's so easy I grab this on the way down to breakfast. After porridge, reading, scribbling ideas in my notebook or staring at the cats and their shenanigans in the garden, I complete the rest of my morning beauty routine. If my skin is looking dull and lack-lustre Pixi Glow Tonic comes out alongside a Silky Cotton pad. A few drops of the beautiful milky texture that is Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum is patted into the skin. It feels so light and cooling but packs a hydrating punch. Jasmine and mandarin make this smell wonderful. I've tried most of the Aurelia range and they are all incredible products: effective and beautifully formulated. If it's in within your budget (or you have space on your Christmas wishlist) I highly recommend adding it to an element of your routine. 

Eye cream is a must these days and Kiehls Skin Rescuer is my moisturiser of choice. Honestly, this is my new favourite product from Kiehls. It's thick enough with the level of moisture I need but not greasy and I genuinely find my skin flares up a lot less with this. There's then about five different lip balms to choose from and if my skin is feeling dry (which it usually is) I'll don a layer of the gorgeously warming and spicy scented Morning Glory Body Oil. This has coffee essential oil in it so pretty much perfect for this occasion. If it's a Saturday I climb into a fresh pair of cosy pjs and curl up at my desk to work. 

What does your Winter morning routine look like?