Tuesday, 15 April 2014

This Is How I Remove My Face Paint

There are few posts where an image would suffice to tell the entire story. This is one of them. Alas, I shall bore you all with the minute details of how I remove my makeup. Basically, the above is my go-to until I run out of cotton rounds. Then I'll panic and buy 100 off a dodgy ebay seller. First things first, makeup removal does not equal cleansing for me. It's not even a step one of the infamous double cleanse. Right, now we have that out in the open let's get to it.

Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover is a shake it like you mean it solution that breaks down heavy eye makeup like a pro. I don't find it particularly oily that my skin gets greasy but do be careful because it does hurt your eyes if it gets in there. If you're a waterproof mascara lover - this one's for you. To clean up pesky eyeliner DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs are the one. Easy peasey and they condition lashes well if you are so inclined to give them a sweep over.

Vichy 3in1 Micellar Solution is designed for sensitive skins and claims to cleanse, remove makeup AND soothe. It removes face makeup like an absolute boss. My skin doesn't feel dry or stripped or raw. It sweeps over the eyes okay too and doesn't smell funky. Is it good? Yes. Do I love it to the point of replacing it from Bioderma? No. You're pretty good, Vichy, but I can get a 500ml bottle of Bioderma for a similar price. Awkward.

This ramble is brought to you by a very sleepy blogger...

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Dermaroller Diary: Session 1

With only a week to go until my second session, I decided now was the best time to grace the blog with an update. My first session was slightly more painful that expected. I was ready for the discomfort and strange feeling of my skin but really the numbing cream needs to be left on for a full hour otherwise it gets pretty nippy when they roll around your eye area, nose and lips. I've booked in to have a full hour waiting with the cream on for the next time around.

So, first rule. Do not turn up with makeup on. Yes, they give your face a refreshing cleanse before you get started but it's not going to be to the extent of getting scraps of makeup off. Active acne is also a big no no. I had some on one side of my face which they managed to work around but you are still at risk of getting an epically worse breakout afterwards. 2 weeks later this is exactly what I got but I'm still unsure as to weather it was because of this because 2 weeks is a long time.

The procedure itself is done within 10 minutes max. I mean, a person's face doesn't cover that much surface area so it's hardly going to take long. Afterwards, they clean up the blood (yes, you will bleed and this is a good thing - it means your skin is reacting well to the treatment) and put on some Heliocare SPF 50. Do not touch your face at all for at least 3 hours. By which time you can apply a layer of aloe vera. Do not wash your face again for the rest of that day as awful as it sounds and get yourself a fresh pillow case etc. It took around 5-6 hours for the numbing cream to complete wear off by which time my skin felt slightly sore. It's not painful it just felt like my heart was pumping in my face. They really increased the blood flow.

The next morning washing your face with something light (I used aloe vera soap) is best. And then apply the aloe vera gel again and SPF 50. Basically, this is the extent of a skincare routine for the next 2 days. No makeup either!

For the first week my skin was extremely dry and almost peeling. I avoided as much makeup as I could as it just made it look worse. By the second to third weeks my skin had a slight natural glow to it. Personally, I didn't notice but this is what I was told by others. I'm guessing this was the new skin layer starting to emerge. Week 4 was pretty awful on the acne front but other than that the texture of my skin has remained a lot smoother and refined. Now, moving into week 5 my skin looks pretty good espeically on the right side. I've started using the lightening cream too which should hopefully help the process along.

I'm looking forward to my next treatment and hoping my acne stays away long enough so I can really get in  a hardcore dermaroller session. My skin is ready for this! If you have any questions feel free to ask and of course, everyone's skin is different so we may not all react the same way.