5 Useful Apps For Bloggers

A roundup of 5 very useful apps for bloggers, biz owners and side hustlers alike.
If you're the kind of person who loves their lists, planners and organisational tools, then this roundup is for you. I'm going to take you through the most useful apps I've discovered to help stay productive and on the ball with my blog. Whether blogging is your hobby, side hustle or full time job, there's no denying that it takes hard work and effort to maintain and grow. I discovered all of these tools with my blogging hat on but a lot of them can be translated into other environments such as work or if you're running your own biz.

The Cleansing Balm Edit

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I've been quite excited to write this post because not only is it skincare related but it's also about my favourite skincare step, cleansing. Cleansing balms are my formulation of choice when it comes to that long awaited evening cleanse. They're luxurious, nourishing and give you the opportunity to give your skin a good facial massage, relieve tension and get that deep clean in with a good ol' polishing with a cloth. In all of my blogging years (that's 4.75), these have become my top balmy favourites that leave my skin feeling good and allow me a moment of calm, spa like experience.

Sunday Link Share 003: Skincare, Fitness & Grounded Inspiration

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The weather has taken a turn for the worst. I'm not sure why I'm surprised. This is typical England! So, if you're also spending the day inside, here are some awesome links to feast your eyes on whilst you indulge in a lay in. Whilst we're on the topic, I actually have my lie ins on a Monday morning as for some reason I work really well on Sundays. They have become my magical productive days. I'm interested to know, what's your most productive day of the week? 

5 Newsletters You Need To Check Out

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I couldn't tell you how many newsletters I've signed up to so far in my lifetime. I used to think that a newsletter was just something that clogged your inbox with discount codes and constant hounding to buy, buy, buy. They were a tool for product pushing. However, I'm very grateful to have discovered that people are also using them to deliver consistent quality content. This post is about those newsletters. A handful of favourites of mine that provide creative, inspiring and engaging content