Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Summer Skindrobe

Back in November I talked about my Autumnal Skindrobe and now with a heat wave upon us I thought it only fitting I catch up with my Summer offering. It's quite an interesting one for me. Partly because I've got myself a bunch of new things to try and also because my skin is a lot more dehydrated than it was last year. I'm losing a lot of my oily skin attributes and only being hit with the occasional hormonal blemish flare ups. Quite a turn of events.

I'll start with my much loved Caudalie Grape Water. I was pretty happy when we started stocking this at BeautyMART. It's one of my favourite Summer essentials to cool and hydrate my skin. If you have sensitive skin and don't get a long with their Beauty Elixir then this is for you. I wish they did a mini size of this. It's one of few things I'd say I want one for home, work and my handbag.  

I'm a huge fan of the Superfacialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil (and so are a lot of other people because it's always sold out when I look for it). Of course, it's back in stock now after my Boots order arrived. I talked about it more here and it's definitely one I want to repurchase. Currently failing that, I decided to try the Glow Boost Skin Serum and Skin Defence Daily Moisturiser from the same range. They both have that lovely light, zingy Vitamin C smell. The serum is very light in consistency but doesn't spread across your face. You have to pat it in. I wouldn't say it leaves my skin feeling any different but I'll report back after long term use. The moisturiser is also incredibly light and a joy to apply. I'm not convinced it's hydrating enough for me at the moment though so I'll try and pair it with a moisture punching serum. I'll let you know if my skin is sporting a natural glow by the end of the Summer. I'm thinking these might be great to travel with.

Speaking of travel, I thought I'd check out the This Works In Transit range in anticipation of my holiday. None of it was anything I needed but the Camera Closeup intrigued me. A mask, moisturiser and primer in one? I read not a single review and bought it. It is a thick but light white cream and isn't the most effortless thing to apply. I end up patting it in like a serum almost. However, it provides me with lasting hydration (hyaluronic acid and argan) and works as a decent primer to keep my base looking fresh. I'm impressed so far. This one may be getting a seat on the plane with me.

Finally, the key ingredient of this Summer edit: sun protection. You know I'm an avid fan of the Heliocare range so I always steer towards this as it's effective and not over priced. I normally get the SPF50 gel which has a nice tint to it for some added coverage but I accidentally bought the cream instead. It probably does the job the same but I find that because this is basically a thick white cream it can leave my skin looking a bit ashy toned after applying. Once I get myself a tube of my favourite I'll have this sentenced to body use only. 

What's in your Summer skindrobe?


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Morning Routine

Sundays are for chill out vibes and trying to relax. In the last year I've come to love Sundays and it's probably down to the "routine" I've managed to fall into. There's something about it which motivates me to get things done and then I wish that there was another weekend day straight after. (And that's why bank holiday weekends are awesome).

I usually let my body wake up for itself but within reason. I also set an alarm for 8:30am because that's the latest I like to get up. It's funny, everyone in my family says I'm not a morning person but I'm warming towards it. If I can take the first hour of my day to myself then I'm pretty happy to socialise with other human beings afterwards. The first thing I do every morning (because I never learn) is hit my foot on the drawer of my bed because little Miss Scout (cat 1 of 2) opens it every night whilst I'm sleeping.

My hair is wacky so I brush it out and tie it into a top bun before typical bathroom antics ensue. The morning cleanse is the gentle and nourishing Nude Omega Cleansing Jelly. I follow this with a spritz of Caudalie Grape Water. If I've not managed to get up for Fajr pray beforehand I'll pray now. This begins the most calming part of my morning followed by some morning yoga. This video is my current favourite. Great for beginners.

Breakfast is usually yogurt, homemade granola and some fruit (blueberries are my favourite). I like to take this and a mug of tea to the living room table. This is where the house gets the most sun in the morning so I like to bask in it whilst catching up on blogs, instagram, Youtube...basically the internet.

If I'm not going out straight away (or not at all) I'll don a face mask after those oral hygiene shenanigans. Currently, I'm loving these Hydrogel masks from The Skin Lounge. They come in two halves so they're easier to put on and leave my skin feeling so soft, plumped and looking healthy. I usually leave these on for about 30 minutes, massage the rest of the product onto my skin and then let it sink in for another 30 minutes. The rest of my skincare routine follows on: Caudalie Vinosource Eye Rescue, Nuxe Reve de Miel and a light moisturiser.Then I might paint my nails, tidy my room or lately I've been loving flicking through Madeleine Shaw's Get The Glow for something to make in the kitchen.

What are your Sundays like?