Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Korean Beauty: Sheets, Squares & Stickers

My beauty cabinet is quickly filling up with sachets that contain some fun beauty treatments that actually work. Between the Japanese and the Koreans, they've got us covered on the beauty front and 2015 looks like it's going to be the year we embrace their tips and techniques within our skincare routines. I for one, can't wait to have the world of Korean Beauty at my finger tips.

The Sheets
After the first time trying this Hydrogel mask, I knew I was going to love this brand. The Skin Lounge have brought the Korean sheet mask to the UK market with quality product, effective formulations and beautiful packaging. This bio cellulose sheet mask is enriched with a concoction of hyaluronic acid, natural floral extracts and silk amino acids. The perfect winter pick me up and on a Sunday morning I love to put this on. It feels cooling at first, after about 30 minutes I remove it and massage in the rest of the serum left on my skin. Into the next day my skin still feels hydrated, plump and rejuvenated. 

The Squares
Another new brand discovery from late last year, Mizon. Their Sheet Essence Masks are very neat little rectangle cotton sheets enriched with shea butter, grapefruit extract (for brightening) and a range of other agents to help hydrate and nourish the skin. The interesting thing about these is that you can do hydrating spot treatments and just put it on the areas of your face that you need it. Great for if you have predominately oily skin but a few dry patches. Alternatively, you can also use this as a "ready to use" toner pad after a shower. Just make sure you seal the bag back good and proper!

The Stickers
So, I'm a big fan of the Biore nose strips. They work, you can get hold of them easily, all is well. However, I was intrigued by Holika Holika's 3 step system (if not only for the adorable packaging). The first step smells quite intense and is like those wipes you get given in fast food places after you've smothered your hands in chicken wings. My least favourite step but you leave this on for 15 minutes to open up the pores. Then wet your nose and place the strip on (they're pink!). 15 minutes later, remove and place step 3 which is like just the nose section of a sheet mask. It's meant to minimise future blackheads but is also quite hydrating. Overall, this was actually an incredibly effective method and as much as I disliked the first step I think it really helped to deep cleanse and remove more blackheads than just the strips alone. The last step is also quite soothing.

My adventure into Korean beauty has just begun and I'm looking forward to my next sheet mask...

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Morning Cleanse: Malin & Goetz Grapefruit

Refreshed and clean. That's how my morning face wash makes me feel. I like something simple, easy that I can massage in but then just splash some water to wash off. No muslin cloths or faffing around with hot cloths. The last cleanser I used was One Love Organics Chia Whip, the first foaming cleanser that I actually liked. Naturally, when it finished I wanted to try something new and test the waters of a different brand.

Finding myself in SpaceNK, I was drawn to Malin & Goetz's Grapefruit Face Cleanser. Honestly, it was the clean cut, unisex design that made me pick it up but I'm glad I did. This is a light gel cleanser that lathers when wet. It's nothing "Santa beard" foamy, just a light lather that you can work into the skin and massage.  Grapefruit extract and amino acids help to cleanse the skin and prevent breakouts but also tone without drying and stripping of oils. That's what I love about this. It leaves my skin clean but not bone dry and doesn't dull my complexion either. Along with the gorgeously refreshing scent that reminds me of a breakfast juice, I'm giving this a thumbs up so far and a front row seat on 2015's emerging skincare routine.

Which cleanser have you been using to start off your 2015 mornings?