Monday, 8 September 2014

August LOVED

Better late than never? August had been a busy month where not only did I discover some real gems but also reached to the back of those shelves for old trusted favourites. You know I'll always start with skincare. The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Oil was a surprising favourite that I've used every evening since. It allows me to quickly and efficiently remove all makeup without any aggressive scrubbing and hot cloths. I've realised, I don't like hot flannels or muslin cloths to take off my makeup. I only want a soft fluffy towel to pat my skin dry and delicate fingertips to do the rest. Perhaps, this is something I've picked up from reading over Korean skincare routines. Nuxe Reve de Miel has been slathered on nightly as a deep conditioner for the lips. I also put it around my nose if my skin is dry. Multi-tasking like a pro? The old favourite here is Therapi Honey's Lemon Myrtle Honey Moisturiser**. Luxuriously thick but light - it's comfort food for parched skin. Their range is beautiful in formula and effective. I miss their Lemon Myrtle toner in my routine...

There are only three fragrances I can confidently say I will want to repurchase time and time again. Mary Greenwell's Plum is one of them. It is that perfect blend of sweetness and something deep, warming and musky. I'd be happy if all of my jumpers had this as their default scent. 

This last product is something I've not mentioned on here before. I've been using it for a few weeks now (originally just out of curiosity) but have come to love it and haven't touched liquid foundation since. EX1 Pure Crushed Mineral Powder Foundation** (M300) has literally cut 5 minutes out of my morning makeup routine. After concealer, I just dust this over my skin with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush and base = done. A soft, finely milled texture that doesn't create a cakey surface to the skin nor highlight any dryness. I find it provides that soft focus look that I like and can be reapplied throughout the day to look good as new. It also absorbs the oil of my t-zone as I don't find myself reaching for a finishing powder or blotting sheets. Highly recommend giving this a try!

Although the "beauty forecasts" have taken a backseat on the blog, I'm excited to show you some new beauty discoveries I'll be trying out for September! 

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Into The Makeup Bag

Peering into my makeup bag can sometimes resemble a dark abysss. A place were in the depth of those corners you find hair pins and the stubs of an old eyeliner pencil. Delving in, as a part of a little spring cleaning, I picked out some favourites of the moment.

The Jurlique Rose Finishing Powder is something I've spoken about recently here. Quite a bulky one to carry around but it has a useful little "powder your nose" puff and a mirror which always comes in handy. No matter the time of day, a little of this always works to absorb shine or freshen up my makeup by giving it a lighter softer look. The Body Shop's Instablur works in the same way. I mainly use this as a primer but sometimes it works over makeup too, just around the t-zone, to blur those pores and generally "filler" the grainy complexion look I can get. It's not ideal but sometimes a quick fix is welcomed.

Olfactive Studio** is probably one of the more unheard of picks in here. Designed to form a union between artistic photography and scent. I believe that these are unisex fragrances (not that it makes a difference to me) and I love the names as well as the stylish designs. I've been spritzing Still Life which is a peppery mix with a hint of softness with japanese yuzu. It's refreshing but deep at the same time.

Rimmel's new Wonder'Full Mascara with Argan Oil** is an easy one to reach for. The flexible brush with many thin fibres prevents clumping and it's a very light formula. Not the best one if you want heavily defined, voluminous lashes but for something quick and natural it's a good pick. Finally, I've been reaching for these gorgeous shades from RMS Beauty. Promise for lips and cheeks to add a bit of rosy/natural colour and Imagine** under the lower lash line to add some spark. It's also great over the lips to create a mettalic effect to any lip colour you like.