Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Autumn Face

Mid way through the month this became the "October face". I've been experimenting with bases again, digging out old favourites and looking for a way to leave behind a luminous glowy complexion to counteract a dull, cold morning. Lancome's Teint Miracle always provides me with decent coverage and a semi matte finish. Enough to polish up the t-zone but make those cheeks glow. With SPF15 this is quite a natural finish foundation with pearlescent pigments designed to give that radiant finish I'm looking for.

I will admit that after two weeks I axed this and went back to my trusty EX1 Pure Crushed Mineral Powder which is so much easier to use. It keeps its flawless finish for longer and doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortable by lunch time. I think I've become so used to the lightness of mineral powders that even the lightest foundation feels heavy to me.

The rest is all about the eyes which, is still going strong into November. Rimmel's Kohl liner is for those evenings when I'm ready to jazz things up a bit. Defined eyes or a smudged out smokey eye this is a cheap and easy favourite. The Hi Impact Brows palette**, as the name would suggest, is for brows. It has a black shade which I love and a decent angled brush for application. The best thing about this palette however, is that it doubles as a very convenient eyeshadow selection. An array of neutral colours for an everyday look and then some black to smoke things out and create evening darma. The shades are all of a buttery soft texture, very blendable and pigmented. Neatly put together with a mirror, I have this in my makeup bag for any spontaneous occasion.

The most exciting for me has been the Mai Couture Trio in Glowgeous. Paraben and talc free papier makeup changes the game for applying colour. This set comes with a bronzer, highlighter and blush. I love the warm toned "Sin City" (show above) which I use as an all over the lid wash of colour. It cancels out the grey of my eyes and subtly lasts all day. St Barts is a beautiful highlight that doesn't just hit you with a shot of glitter and pearl. It's a warm glow that I do actually use as a highlight and on the brow bone. Prettyful is a lovely pearly pink blush which I've found works best for me as a highlight on the center of the lips. Bascially, this is a healthy radiant glow in a little book!

You can use a brush or just press/dab/rub the pigment from the sheet directly onto the skin. Great on the cheeks, eyes, lips or even to bronze up the decolletage. And after all that it's lighter than a pen in your handbag!

**disclaimer in footer

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Seasonal Lush Bath

I made peace with my Lush habit many years ago. However, when it comes to their limited edition festive collections I can make an exception. The spicy and warming scents are more to my taste and once I by passed the killer sweetness of Snow Fairy and all that crazy glitter, I found two loves to create a comforting Saturday night bath.

Christmas Eve is one I've purchased before. A bubble bar with the gorgeous scent of jasmine and with irish moss powder which leaves the water soft with a subtly shimmery blue colour. It definitely achieves the goal of creating that reminiscence of a moonlit sky. Normally I go halfsies on all my Lush bath buys but I do find this one doesn't create enough bubbles with just half a bar. On a side note, the bubbles from this are great as a shaving foam afterwards. Who knew?

An indulgent bath must have silky smooth, soft water. The Melting Snowman is the best smelling bath melt with a beautifully spicy scent of clove, cinnamon and sweet orange. This scent definitely overpowered the jasmine of Christmas Eve which was what I was hoping for and left my skin feeling incredibly soft and conditioned afterwards. He is dotted with a few chocolate chips which do melt away and don't stain anything. Sometimes a novelty bath trumps the indulgence of bath salts and some Aromatherapy Associates oil.