Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Malin & Goetz Vetiver Candle

Malin & Goetz Vetiver Candle
Never did I think the day would come when I'd be all over candles again. For years, the thought of having them lit in my house would bring me great anxiety and I'd be convinced I'd have to watch the flame like a hawk. At some point last year I made peace with that fear and decided to allow myself a beautifully large candle that would look pretty on my dressing table and smell damn good whilst doing so.

This gorgeous Vetiver Candle from Malin & Goetz does just that. I was perusing the candle section of SpaceNK with the intent of going for something from Diptyque. I decided to smell the M&G ones too because I liked their aesthetic and an image of what I could do with that empty glass jar flashed before my eyes. Cotton pads anyone? Along this journey of smells, this candle made my senses light up. It was warm and inviting yet fresh and crisp. It's got that meadow, grassy vibe with an almost Autumnal touch which makes it perfect for Winter but just as much a Spring burner. I could inhale the scent deeply and it didn't go straight to my head so I knew it wouldn't bother me to have it burning for a lengthy time. 

This isn't a cheap candle by any means. It definitely ticks the luxury box but you also get a huge 260g for £3 less than a Diptyque candle which is 190g. Those are still amazing, don't get me wrong (Geranium Rosa I want you please) but there's no harm in acknowledging value for money in luxury wares. These candles would make great unisex gifts, If you're into Valentines then perhaps as a shared present? I'm quite a fan of these from the interior design point of view as well and think they'd suit a living room space nicely.

Have you tired any M&G candles? What's your current candle of the moment?

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Happiness Planner | One Month In

The Happiness Planner | One Month In reviewBack in 2015, I wrote up a planner edit and The Happiness Planner was featured as my choice for 2016. Quite a few blog posts popped up at the beginning of the year all about this planner and its features so I decided to wait until a month in to give it a more in depth review. Perhaps it can be something you can incorporate features of in your current planner or you may want to try their 100-Day undated version.

The premise of this planner is to merge a more inspired and mindful lifestyle with your dairy and monthly planning. It features sections to encourage you to review your day, how you feel and focus on what was enjoyable and what you'd like to improve. I found that the section at the bottom of each page about what you'd like to improve for tomorrow is a positive spin on dealing with the negatives of your day. 

Each page allows you to set a focus and goal for the day which is perfect for me.  It allows me to breakdown larger tasks and I feel less confused or overwhelmed each morning once I've established this section. There are also small sections to write in meals (great for meal planning) and exercise. The latter was actually one of the reasons I was drawn to this planner. I have wanted to enforce a regular fitness routine for myself and writing in here what I do for the day has helped me see my progress. At the end of the month, looking back I was proud to see that I only had 4 rest days for the month. Then there's a section for a daily schedule which is perfect for meetings, social events or splitting between work areas. The to-do list on the right hand side is my favourite since it has the satisfying tick boxes. I enjoy using coloured pens and adding cute stickers. My favourite activity over breakfast.

The notes section is useful for any quick ideas and I use it for keeping track of spending and blog related things. Then, as I mentioned earlier, you have a section to write good things that happened that day and what you want to improve for tomorrow. I fill these out just before bed and it's where the journal and mindful elements of the planner come into play. It allows me to go to sleep having made peace with the day and understand that even if it wasn't a pleasant one there are things I've learnt from it. 

At the end of January I went through the "what have I even done this month?!" phase. Normal behavior for me and sometimes it leaves me starting a new month with a bitter mindset. However, it was very different this time. In filling out my January Summary I was able to break down and assess what had happened that month (good and bad) and again reap the benefits from mistakes and recap the awesome stuff. Looking back at the goals I'd set at the start of the month I was surprised to see I'd completed them all and then some. Sometimes with your head stuck in the game you forget to notice your progress and this planner allows me to that.

One of my goals for this year is to be grateful and to be mindful. I feel like this planner has allowed me to practice this in a way and ultimately form a habit so that it can become a solid part of my lifestyle.

Do you use this planner or any other? What are your practices on dealing with bad days?