Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Korean Beauty Shopping

My eyes lit up like a child when I found this box waiting for me at home. I'm exhausted but in all my excitement I've just un-boxed, opened and photographed everything. I then proceeded to have a shower and try some of my new discoveries. I probably don't mention it a lot on this blog but I'm obsessed with Korean beauty. Mainly their skincare and technologies and branding and the number of steps to their skincare routines. It's fascinating. I spoke about sheet masks here if you're interested but for now let's keep on topic. It's been about 90 minutes from when I opened this box to now. Good ol' "live blogging" at its finest.

Hands up who spotted the odd one out? Yes, it's the Biore Cleansing Oil. A Japanese buy but nonetheless a good one. I love the Biore nose strips (especially the charcoal ones) so this seemed like a good progression into the brand. It smells like pears which threw me at first. Will definitely have to get used to that but otherwise the oil itself breaks down makeup well. It doesn't wash off with water as efficiently as the Superfacialist Oil I currently use but I suppose that's what my giant crate of muslin cloths are for.

One time, I spent a Sunday morning browsing Korean mask recommendations and Skin Food came up a lot. This Wash Off Rice Mask looks like finely blended Muller Rice in a pot. Thankfully it has no scent (that I could pick up on). It's extremely light and I just took a dollop and massaged it into clean, dry skin. I spent a good few minutes gently massaging this into my skin. It has rice bran water, rice grains and gamma oryzanol which is supposed to be good for moisturising and lightening the skin. That sounds kind of scary but I do use products to help lighten the dark acne scarring. My skin feels super smooth and supple now. This seems like a nice calming treatment.

I was desperately wanting to add an essence into my skincare routine. Etude House's Moistfull Aloe First Essence is the perfect light, calming and soothing one for tired and sensitive skin. It's a light gel/liquid (not runny at all) with baobab tree and organic aloe. Some in the palm of my hand, rub it in a little and pat onto my face. It felt cooling and a great way to calm my skin down from the heat of the shower. 

Finally, is a travel size of the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. An overnight mask in a very light gel texture. It's supposed to deeply hydrate, nourish and purify the skin and hopefully you should have supple, plumped, soft skin in the morning. I'll give this a try on the weekend but I'll be saving this as a post flight treatment. 

Okay, now that I've gotten all this excitement off my chest in the form of this blog post, it's time for dinner. 

Have you tried any Korean beauty products? 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Casual Summer Agenda

Okay, I know the weather hasn't been exactly what we'd call Summer (I got drenched at least twice on Friday) but in Britain we take the dry spells and sunny rays where we can. In such situations I've opted for this no fuss casual look which I now refer to as my "uniform". You know those outfits that you know look nice and suit you and you're comfortable? Something to revert to on my "feeling gross" days / no time to think / being lazy. I'll be honest here, I'll come up with any excuse to don the above and say it was the most appropriate choice.

I've never been a fan of jeans, especially blue, but these blue wash jeans from Mango were an absolute sale steal and an impulse purchase. They are super soft and comfy. I usually roll up the ends (the lift of a short person) and they fit a little like mom jeans. Great with heels but also my light pink studded flats. These basic v-neck tees from ASOS are a wardrobe staple. They are so soft and longer with a rounded hem in the back. Simple and easy to dress up or down. I've been obsessing over basics ranges lately. ASOS and H&M have my favourites.

Really it's all about the accessories. More importantly the bag. I instagrammed this a while ago. The hinza bucket bag from Legology has become my dream Summer staple. It holds my entire life and then some and looks super chic even if you're carrying a bazillion and one things. I can hook my headphones off the size or drape a jacket and it has comfy handles so my hands never start to hurt from holding the weight of it all. The perfect picnic or shopping helper but my personal favourite for a busy work day. They also come in a range of pretty bright colours. 

What's on your casual Summer style agenda?