Burberry Body: the new women's fragrance

Never did I think I'd come across the words "free" and "Burberry" in the same sentence. Alas, it's true. On liking the Burberry Facebook page you can request a sample of their newest women's fragrance: Burberry Body. It's a small sample of 4.5 ml however, I think it's a brilliant way of introducing new customers to a brand they may have once thought was too high end for them. Maybe you'll try it and think it's not for you or maybe you'll love it and convince yourself a 35ml bottle at £45 is worth it.

I seem to have fallen into that catergory of convincing myself this is something I want to spend £45 on.

Burberry Body Fragrance

Burberry Body Fragrance


Firstly, for a free sample, it was packaged beautifully and really kept to the luxury high end look all their products have. The sample bottle is literally just a minature version of what the actual product sizes look like. It's pretty and expensive looking. Maybe not the style of bottle I would love to display on my dressing table but the content makes me forget all about that.

This fragrance smells amazing! I will say now that I am not good at describing scents because I don't understand the whole top and base note shennanigans. However, I will say that it's a warming scent with a slight sophisticated sweetness to it; very feminine and I love wearing it. It's not strong as to cause you to scrunch up your nose and the lingering scent after a long day smells just as beautiful. (Don't worry, I'll add in the description from the Burberry website).

   " An effortlessly sensual, feminine fragrance with an eclectic combination of refined ingredients
    Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia
    Floral heart notes of natural rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood
    Base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk"

A definite ladder up from peeling back paper in a magazine to smell a perfume sample or having to shove scented sticks of card in your face. I've been using this for over a week and I'm still loving it. I don't think I'll get bored anytime soon so I still have some time to convince myself that £45 can be spent on this. Haha!

I do believe the offer is still available. So, go request your sample! I highly recommend this perfume (at least to try).