[Review] Good Things "Five-Minute Face Mask"

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When I entered the world of blogging the first product range I raved about was Good Things Skincare. Everytime I'm in Boots or Superdrug I always look to see whatelse they have from this range. At the beginning of September I spotted their 5-minute face mask.

Good Things "Five-Minute Face Mask"

Good Things "Five-Minute Face Mask"

It was on discount in Superdrug so I thought I'd give it a try. 
A very simple product:
1. Wash & cleanse face
2. Apply a thin layer all over the face just as a normal face mask would look
3. Leave it for JUST 5 minutes. (You can feel it dry out because your face feels stiff)
4. Wash off with warm water or using a cloth of sorts.

Easy peasy right? I agree.

Its "superfruit beauty boosters" are avocado (oil) and goji berry which moisturise and soothe skin, respectively. It also contains willow bark to give radiance to the skin and, like any face mask would, includes green clay and kaolin which work together to extract impurities in the skin.

Overall, this face mask claims to make skin clearer, brighter, smoother and radiant. Once a week is a fair amount of times to use this and the first two times I did my skin broke out and was pretty red. I was so gutted because I've loved everything I've tried from this brand. So, I started wondering if it was just a bad coincidence that my skin went crazy when I used it. Being abit brave (because Uni is just about to start back again) I had another go. Thankfully, no spots, bumps or redness occured!!

In conclusion, I can say that I do like this face mask but love it? not particularly. It's not something I'm going to repurchase. It does make my skin feel smoother and with an ever so slight healthy glow (and it smells yummy) but it doesn't make it clearer and I haven't seen a signifcant difference in my skin. Having said that, I do enjoy using it now and it's definitely very quick and convenient.

This product retails at £5.99. (full price)

Have you tried this or any other "quick" face mask? Let me know in the comments, I'm curious. :)