January Favourites

Elemis melting cleansing gel
I reviewed this product some weeks back so if you're interested you can hop on over and  have a read. . Ever since I've purchased this, I've used it every evening! It's not the cheapest of cleansers but it's definitely a hit on my repurchase radar. I've noticed that No7 have come out with their own melting cleansing gel which is just £9. I'd be interested in making a comparison seeing as it's half the price. 
Ghost deep night
During the New Year sales, I was browsing around Boots and saw these mini perfume sets. In the set I got they have Ghost Deep Night. I absolutely love the scent! It might be considered an evening perfume but I've been wearing it daily. Quite sophisticated, in my eyes, and the bottle is so pretty! Definitely keeping that.
Collection 2000 felt tip liner
I've used this everyday this month. So quick, easy and doesn't smudge! Review here.
Rockalily lipstick roulette red
What can I say? This lipstick is rockin' it. I'm still experimenting with my most suited level of intensity but it's a favourite on so many levels. Want to hear me rave about it? Click here!
ELF all over cover stick
I'm going to own up and say that I don't own a proper higlhlighter. Liquid, powder or alien compound. Instead, I've been experimenting on how to make it work on my face using this ELF stick in Lilac Petal. It blends in okay, but I would much prefer to purchase something I can work with better. For now, it's been a handy temp.

Jemma Kidd flat top brush
I mentioned this brush in my new brushes post  here.  I'm so glad I made a move and purchased this as it buffs in my foundation so easily and gives a nicer finish. It washes well, doesn't fray and is so darn soft. More Jemma Kidd brushes? Don't mind if I do.
The Body Shop spiced pumpkin shower gel
This shower gel is yummy, spicy and all that's nicey! ;)

Dove express treatment conditioner
After finishing the generous sample size of this from a Latest in Beauty box, I purchased the full size. As long as you don't use too much and keep it far away from your scalp, it works wonders on your hair. It makes mine so soft and silky. I'm not the only one in the house who likes this so it'll probably become a repeat purchase. 

I haven't really got a fashion favourite this month. Shocker. But I've been loving my new bag from Blanco.

Other favourites:

Skrillex Bangarang album
My new blog name/slight makeover
All the amazing new readers to this blog! <3

So, that's it for my January favourites. I'd just like to congratulate myself for NOT writing an introduction to this blog post. I'm sure you're all aware that it's the end of the month and if you're not, SURPRISE!

Hope you've all had a lovely month! :)

What are your January faves?
If you've got one, feel free to link to your post/video in the comments! :)