3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base

3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base

I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes trying to perfect a dewy, glowy, flawless base. All looks good but then that age old question pops into my head - “how do I make this last”? Having a makeup base last the trials of several forms of public transport and the odd splutter of rain is an experiment I like to dabble in. It’s not just about how epic your foundation of choice is but rather how you prep your skin canvas to begin with.


Whether that’s a face wash or micellar water and cotton pad, cleaning off excess oils from the skin gives you a fresh canvas to work on. On top of this, a little exfoliation goes a long way. This could be a cotton pad, hot cloth or even a little acid toner action. I usually go for the famous Pixi Glow Tonic. Removing those dead skin cells and creating a smooth, evenly textured surface makes makeup application so much easier.

3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base kiehls daily reviving concentrate

Even if you’re going for a matte finish look (I sported these once upon a time), you’re going to want to moisturise well. Hydrated skin is happy skin. It also means you won’t be buffing dry skin into your makeup look and it’s less likely to start caking. Having my skin well nourished to being with stops me looking like an oil slick by lunchtime. You really don’t want your skin going out of its way to produce more oil because it feels undernourished.

If you have oilier skin, I’d recommend a gel formulated moisturiser or even a drier face oil like Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate which is great for perking up the skin.


Primers don’t have to be tubes of silicone that give your skin that too smooth to be real feel. When I had pitted acne scarring, this appealed to me to even out the skin surface. Once in awhile I’ll reach for one like The Body Shop’s InstaBlur  or Nude By Nature Perfecting Primer to use on the t-zone to absorb some of the excess oil.

3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base primers

For me, the priming step is about being adhesive. I want my makeup to adhere to my skin and not just sit on top like a layer of paint that could slip off at any moment. We’re not cracking Easter eggs here. Something with a slightly tacky finish that’s patted into the skin is my favourite. Burberry’s Nude Radiance Fluid Base gave this effect on a low level but was a priming favourite for its glowy tendencies.

The best primer I’ve used to date is J.One’s Jelly Pack. It pumps out as this thick transparent jelly that you smooth onto the skin and tap in. It smooths over pores and evens skin texture, it creates a tacky base and gives this slightly wet, dewy finish. I love using this when I need my makeup to last an entire day or even if I’m just wearing a CC cream because it elevates that fresh skin finish.

3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base


3 Ways To Prep Your Makeup Base setting spray facial mist

I realise that this final step is post-makeup application but bear with me. I don’t really get along with makeup setting sprays but I have found some facial mists that seem to make a difference. REN’s Anti-Pollution Mist and B. Skincare’s Hyaluronic Acid Spritz. For some reason, these all help my makeup last.

I expected them to do the opposite but they don’t disturb the fresh coating of foundation. My theory is that it creates another layer between the environmental elements and the makeup itself. Of course, the main reason I started doing it was to amp up the dewy skin finish but now I know it actually helps the cause, it’s a win win.

Skincare. Adhesive. Barrier. My very non-scientific 3 step process for prepping a makeup base that lasts all day and still looks fresh.


3 ways to prep your makeup base for a long lasting and flawless finish. From a full coverage matte finish to all day fresh, glowy and dewy skin. 
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