5 Emerging Beauty Trends That You Need To Check Out

5 emerging beauty trends that you need to check out


Beauty trend cleansing sticks from Su:m37, Neogen and Nooni

This one is my favourites as a lover of the Su:m7 Rose Cleansing Stick. Not only is it convenient and travel-friendly, but they tend to be infused with beneficial ingredients. You also get that element of facial massage during application. The Nooni Snowflake Stick Cleanser and NEOGEN Green Tea Stick are on my wishlist. Although I can’t say that these formulations are any better than their balm or cream siblings etc. they are one I think we’ll see more of next year.


This one excites me the most. We’ve already seen some incredible advances when it comes to using technology in the beauty industry. I’ll highlight a few below but I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for us on this front. Notably, it’s the larger brands who have the money and resources to put towards this but it’s exciting to see that they’ve gone beyond mobile phone apps.

3D Printing - In general, this is an amazing tool in itself to use in a variety of projects and even to building parts of planes. I had the pleasure of viewing one at The Tech Expo and it’s definitely a “whatever you can imagine and draw up a CAD design for we can make”.
This is what Smashbox have done by creating a 3D printed lip print of their Fireball lipstick. It comes in a little pot and you would have to apply it with a lip brush. Although it’s a novelty token at the moment, I get the impression that eventually, they’ll start allowing people to pick their shades or even have customized shades printed. (Side note: could you imagine having temporary lip tattoos printed to exactly match your own lips?).
On a rather larger scale, L’oreal have taken things a step further working in partnership with Organovo to bioprint human tissue. Although they already produce skin, this printing process could speed up and automate the process on a much larger scale. The advances made in this area could take skin product testing, drug and toxicity testing and surgical procedures to a whole new level. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in L’oreal’s research and development departments.
And finally, the new Charlotte Tilbury store that opened in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, is home to what’s being called the “Magic Mirror”. Created with Holition (another exciting company for creative tech) they’ve used augmented reality (like in Pokemon Go) to allow customers to try out Charlotte’s top 10 makeup looks in real time.
I’ve tried this AR tech from Holition at the Warpaint Exhibition in LCF last year. It projected Alexander McQueen’s feathered mask look onto your face in real-time. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mirror is definitely a step up in terms of interaction and customisation. It would be interesting to know how much tech like this actually encourages sales. Either way, I’d definitely want to try it.


Pacifica Coconut Facial Wipes Natural Beauty

Hold on, don’t run away just yet. I know face wipes get a bad rep. I rarely use them myself but I couldn’t ignore the fact that they are stepping up their game. No longer are they these astringent, alcohol drenched and drying wipes that scrub the skin raw to remove makeup.

Although I’d never recommend using a face wipe as your sole cleanser, I can’t deny that there are a couple of good ‘uns out there that make a decent first cleanse step. You can find wipes enriched with nourishing ingredients, fruit enzymes and soothing properties to hydrate, exfoliate and calm the skin. There are biodegradable ones and more on the organic beauty market than before. I’d be interested to see if the rise in anti-pollution skincare research creates a gateway for facial wipes that aim to add some form of protection against environmental aggressors.

> Pacifica Coconut Wipes (love these for a gentle chemical exfoliation but don’t use over lips or eyes)
> Pixi Moisturising Cleansing Cloths (contains many oils and aloe vera to nourish skin)
> This Works In Transit No Trace (with rosewater and mint - these are in pad form)
> Lauren Napier Wipes - (travel-friendly and includes coconut, oat and chamomile)


Beauty trends step sheet masks jayjun
Beauty trends step masks holika holika at beautymart

Sheet masks evolve in terms of the materials used to create them and the ingredients they are enriched with. However, the next level up isn’t about this. It’s about “step masks”. Packets with perforated sections that denote between 2 to 5 steps are gaining momentum. Some of them start with cleansers or essences, move on to the sheet mask and then follow up with hydration in the form of serums, ampoules or moisturisers. A routine in one that’s amazing for travel and to try what's on offer from a new brand.

> Jayjun Cosmetics Step Masks
> Holika Holika Pig-Nose (taking pore strips two levels up)
> Holika Holika Golden Monkey Lip Kit
> PurpleTale 5 Step Mask ( check out Mika's in depth review)


Whilst there has been a rise in (most notably) Korean beauty brands in the UK and US over the last year, Western brands are taking initiative and doing their own thing. It’s always exciting to see new offerings on the market. These larger brands who are taking a page out of the Korean beauty book shouldn’t be dismissed. They have the resources, research and development to create these products and now, the customer base that so eagerly awaits them. 

B Skincare Superdrug Essence Lotion Origins Original Skin Essence
Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Sheet Mask

Here are a handful of examples:

> Origins Original Skin EssenceB. Refreshed Essence Lotion (reviews on these coming soon)

> Jurlique's new essence offering

> YSL Fusion Cushion
> Garnier Tissue Mask
> Nails Inc Sheet Masks

Not only are these easier to get hold of, but price wise some of them are cheaper. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to read all of the ingredients or instructions. That being said, there are wins for both sides and it’s a chance for people to try the effectiveness of different formulations without the extra effort or risk.

There were so many more I wanted to include in this post but it was already proving to be one long skincare essay. Instead, have a read of superfood skincare and look out for future posts on the power of crystals and pre/probiotics.


5 Emerging Beauty Trends That You Need To Check Out For 2017
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