5 Instagram Feeds Full Of Beautiful & Inspiring Content

5 Instagram Feeds Full Of Beautiful & Inspiring Content

Instagram has become my favourite source of inspiration. For vivid colour, atmosphere and the wild and interesting. There is so much to discover inside this visual portal. I rarely touch the explore page and instead dig up new favourites by searching through the accounts that the people I follow are following. This method has yet to fail me. I wanted to share my latest favourite Instagram feeds for beautiful and inspiring content. The plethora of floral based findings is probably my inner mind pining for more of the outdoor world.

@kindlysheree is created by Sheree Grace, a lifestyle blogger and photographer. When I stumbled upon her feed for the first time it hit me like a visual burst of energy. Most of her photographs focus around birds eye/ flat lay shots with flowers, petals and stems scattered across the surface. 

A photo posted by @nobleu_ on

@nobleu_ is a photographer's feed. What drew me in was the beautiful use of light and shadow (my new obsession in photography) and the interesting choices of focus. I like that in many shots the foreground is blurred and the background is focused. That and anyone who knows me will know I'm a sucker for bokeh displays.

@freyadowson's feed sends the cogs in my brain turning. A London-based travel photographer, capturing her own and others' stories from around the world. Her feed is a series of shots that document moments in time. Freya adds thoughtful captions to go with her photographs which just adds to why I love her work.

A photo posted by hiro / graphic designer (@hirorongram) on Aug 25, 2016 at 2:20am PDT

@hirorongram is a graphic designer who shoots some positively magical shots on his Canon camera. The use of light, splashes of colour and bokeh create quite the fantastical feed. Back in the day, this was the kind of direction I wanted to take my photography in.

A photo posted by maria. (@lullaby0720) on

@lullaby0720 is a feed photographed by 21-year-old Maria. Her photos are beautiful with this tint to them that makes it calming to look at. They are the sort of photos I'd want scattered across my wall. I have to give credit to Sara Tasker for bringing Maria's feed to my attention in her August Inspiration post.

Soaking in my current Instagram inspirations not only makes me want to live outside a little, it has also encouraged me to pick up my camera again in a non-blogging way. Looking through that lens and seeing shapes and shadows and details. I'd forgotten what it was like to enjoy photographing something that felt fun and creative. I tend to see product photos as something that just needs to be done but in this last month, these have been my gentle reminder.

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