5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring


Just like your wardrobe needs to change and you pack your winter boots to replace them with sandals, your skincare routine needs to adapt to accommodate your fresh season needs. As spring is slowly breaking out of its cocoon, your skin feels all the changes, including different temperatures, more sunshine, and higher humidity. To make the most out of the new season and protect your skin, check out some of the easiest ways you can adapt your regime and prepare for spring!

1. It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | Spring Cleaning

Start by giving your skin a deep cleanse, and a good facial scrub is always an excellent choice. This way, you will clean your pores, boost you micro circulation, and allow your skin to absorb the following treatments. Exfoliating will serve as a great basis for healthy hydration; it will give you a rosy blush and bring out your natural complexion. 

Be mindful of finding the suitable exfoliant for your skin type to avoid any possible irritation, redness and damage. You can dilute the product with water if necessary, which will ensure a gentler touch with the same cleansing effect.

2. Go Light

5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | Light makeup Organic

As you’re opting for lighter garments, the same applies to your skin! Finding the right balance between nourishing and light lotions to complement your daily regime will take away that dull winter look, and boost your spring glow.

Rich, heavy creams might have been ideal for harsh winter months, but now you need to let your skin breathe and protect it with water-based, hydrating products. Your skin will be grateful for using perfectly-balanced organic skincare with natural ingredients that are especially beneficial for your sensitive areas and irritation-prone skin. The same goes for your makeup; so, pick less pore-clogging items, and choose lighter tones that will simply accentuate your natural beauty.

3. Sun Protection

5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | Sun Protection

Even though sunshine is your favourite feel-good remedy, as the temperatures rise, you will need to think about keeping your skin safe, particularly your face. It would be especially wise for those among you with a fair tan to pick a reliable sunscreen to protect you from harmful radiation and potential sunburn. 

In case you do experience irritation, itchiness or redness after a whole day outside, you can always rely on your nourishing face oils that will restore your skin’s healthy look and give it all the moisture it needs.

4. Mind your Diet 

5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | Mind your diet

An essential element of a holistic skincare regime is a healthy diet. Your skin needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, collagen-boosting ingredients and healthy fats to maintain its healthy, youthful radiance, and your food plays a key role in achieving this look.

Make sure to consume plenty of healthy proteins from lean meats, eggs and beans, lots of different fruits and vegetables and of course, omega-3 fatty acids to ensure your vitamin and mineral intake. For example, you need enough vitamin E from dark leafy greens and vitamin C from citrus fruits to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals, while vitamin A found in carrots will clear up your skin.

5. Hydrate

5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | Hydrate

Last but not least, you need to drink plenty of water to make sure that your skin never loses its glow, and in order to refresh it from harsh winter conditions. A lack of water can cause a pale, drained look, and no makeup can cover eye bags and an uneven complexion caused by dehydration. A good rule of thumb is to take into consideration your activity level, your weight and your diet. You can start your mornings with a glass or two of lukewarm water, and then keep yourself hydrated well throughout the day depending on whether or not you exercise regularly, how much and how often you eat and your overall health.

While there is no unified recipe for healthy skin, these simple tips will simplify the change of your routine and ease you into the new season. Keep your skin clean and healthy inside and out, and spend this spring looking amazing and feeling carefree!

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5 Ways to Prep Your Winter Skin for Spring | A guest post by sophia smith.