6 Beautiful Hashtags To Browse & Use On Instagram

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Get ready for another instalment of Instagram inspiration. Last time, I brought you some of my favourite feeds. Today, it's all about the hashtags. I rarely use the Explore page to find content that I enjoy. Instead, I browse hashtags. It helps me find new ones to use, discover incredible photographs and new people to follow. Here are 6 beautiful ones.


After taking up photography again as a hobby, playing with light and shadow has been my favourite focus. I love browsing this tag for the interesting angles, shadows and details. In the post below, I love how the rays of light have been captured through the trees.

A photo posted by Guillaume (@guillaumehenri505) on


Another one that allows me to embrace photographic inspiration. These photos tend to feature a lot of flowers (which I love) and the odd bokeh shot. There are some beautiful, delicate photos on this tag such as this one by @daisy_shoes. There's so much attention to detail yet softness and an eerie calmness about it. In general, I'd highly recommend this Instagram feed for stunning and calming photography. (On a side note: #mistymornings is a great tag too).

A photo posted by TG (@daisy_shoes) on


Following on from the theme of my post on embracing slow living, this tag is all the imagery you need. Beautiful rustic tabletops, lots of flora and the glimpse of Autumnal vibes. I've become a sucker for a dark table top that invites cosy vibes and the last drops of Summer.

A photo posted by Mary (@mrcphotography) on


Still objects, nature, food and everything in between. There is real variety within this tag. Sometimes you need to scroll for awhile but then you come across gems like the one below. Generally, this tag captures the vibe of being grateful for your surroundings and seeking the beauty in what's around us, however simple that may be.

A photo posted by Rui (@ruinakata) on


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've developed quite the obsession with flowers over the last few months. Between petals and stems, dried or pressed, they bring out positive vibes. I love how there are some shots, like the one below, that label the flora.


A serious case of wanderlust has whisked me away. I'm planning travels for 2017 and scrolling through this tag is serious travel inspo (and envy). It's not just about visiting new places but trying new things and all round embracing new experiences.

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