6 Intriguing Korean Skincare Trends

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It's time to update the skincare glossary that sits dusty in a dark corner of my brain. Over the years, through my own curiosity and work related activities, I've stumbled upon interesting skincare terms and technologies. Here are 6 of them that have been popping up more frequently. Whether that be through new innovations, research, products or magazine features. Although they're not all to my taste, it's fascinating how science and technology come together to create real innovation in the beauty world. Not only for us to enjoy but to benefit our skin too.


The rise in Korean beauty on the Western market has seen the term "Jeju" mentioned in association with a host of products. It's actually the name of a volcanic island that sits just off the southern coast of South Korea. This island is home to a plethora of pure ingredients (some exclusive to the island) that have been incorporated in skincare lines such as Blossom Jeju. The richness and purity of the ingredients here are a real treasure. So much so that it is listed as a World Heritage Site.


I've spoken about this one when I reviewed the Elizavecca Mask. Products that bubble and foam up upon contact with the air have become quite popular in both Asian and Western products. They aim to deep cleanse the skin and leave a refreshed effect. Although there are many bubble masks on the market, sparkling powders can also create the same effect. These are powder face wash packs that ,when mixed with water, give the effect of cleansing your skin with carbonated water.


This is an adorable term commonly used to refer to overnight masks in Korean Beauty. Their aim is to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin as you get your beauty sleep. Too Cool for School's Pumpkin Sleeping Pack is all over my Autumn wishlist (for obvious reasons). Are these a necessity? No. But if you have stressed, dehydrated or very dry skin then they can provide that extra boost of plumpness you've been missing.

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Not as scary as it sounds. Promise. Inspired by the Korean clinic-based treatment of literally having hydration injected into your skin, skincare products with the sole aim of making your skin plumper, juicier and healthier have emerged (injection free). Tremella, a type of fungus which can hold 500 times its weight in water, is a star ingredient for these products. And yes, that does mean it ranks above our beloved hyaluronic acid in hydration power. Jurlique's Nutri-Define Serum and Earth Recipe's Moisture Bound Cream are fans of tremella.


These terms get more utopian by the minute. This a more magical variation of the term microdroplets, a technology manufactured in South Korea as a skincare ingredient to give a real hydration boost. They leave visible water droplets on the skin's surface which allows your skin to keep in more moisture and absorb further products more effectively. I've not tried one of these yet but judging on my experience with the 3-second rule, I'd say it should work. The Face Shop Moisturising Serum and Lioele Sleeping Pack are talked about a lot.


My favourite of the moment. From moisturisers to cleansers, this is skincare that has already been pre-portioned into single uses. I described my love for this idea when I reviewed the May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser. It's a perfect beauty travel companion, hygienic and can ensure you're using the right amount of product. The J.One Hana Cream comes as small capsules too and has become one of my favourite products of the year. With this one, I'd recommend looking for naked products meaning that each portion isn't again packaged in another disposable layer.

Have you tried any of these skincare trends? Do any of these intrigue you?


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