7 Blogs I Loved Reading In 2016

7 Blogs I Loved Reading In 2016
Looking back over 2016, I love that I discovered and still read such a variety of blogs. Our interests never fall along a single track and that’s why I love that the blogosphere is home to so many incredible people who all have something different to bring to the table. So, in 2017, if somebody tells you that the blogging game is saturated and there’s no room for you, ignore them. You have your own voice and your own perspective and there will be someone out there who wants to hear it.

I wanted to share a selection of the blogs I’ve loved reading this year. These are the ones that I bookmark and check back often. The ones that I’ll sit with a cup of tea to read and absorb. The ones that inspire and motivate not just for the content but the individuals behind these awesome blogs. So, grab yourself a drink and some snacks as I’ve also shared some of my favourite posts.

Twenty something meltdown

Gwennan is a content creator extraordinaire (she’s blogged every day for what feels like forever and her content never lacks that spark). She’s also an artiste and runs an adorable Etsy shop. This year, I got into lifestyle blogging both as a writer and a reader and I’m pretty sure that it’s because of this lady. I love her writing style and she has a knack of finding all the best GIFS on Twitter. I also feel lucky enough to say that I’ve been able to meet her in person and she’s legit just as awesome.

barely there beauty

As I fell further down the rabbit hole of lotions and potions in Korean beauty, I started looking for blogs that covered these topics in depth and discovered Jennifer’s corner of the web. First of all, there’s no denying that she takes some of the most beautiful photos (photography goals right there) but all of her blog posts are so informative and interesting to read. She shares a love for skincare as well and I know I’ll always find a new brand or product recommendation when I read her posts.

orchids and peonies

If you’re a skincare lover then Fiona’s blog is one you need to bookmark. She trials a plethora of products and brands (some of which I’ve never heard of making it all the better) and writes these amazing in depth reviews. I love that she touches on the science behind products and ingredients too alongside gorgeous, fresh photography. I’m always curious about how or why something does/doesn’t work and you will always get honest and insightful reviews from Fiona.

7 Blogs I Loved Reading In 2016


Laura is a blogging babe. It amazes me that she holds down a full time job and blogs every damn day with incredible flatlays and beauty content. Reading her blog daily is like a morning beauty shot (that may end up having you lust after the newest glowy palette or face mask). I tend to stick to reading about skincare (in terms of beauty) so I love that Laura’s blog is a destination I can go to for a mix of beauty content.

bianca bass

Bianca sums up her blog very accurately when she says “honest musings on careers, creativity, being human and more”. I love her mini essays that cover a range of lifestyle and insightful topics. Her words flow and guide you on a train of thought that really makes you stop and think. As someone who embarked on a career change in 2016, I enjoy reading her posts on these topics and interviews with others who quit their full time 9-5 jobs to pursue something else. She writes in a way that gives you space to dream and be inspired whilst educating on the reality of situations without knocking you down.

Me and orla

Sara’s blog and Instagram have been a bucket of inspiration for me this year. Sara’s aesthetic, the way her words flow and her photography style is so down to earth and engaging. She inspired me to pick up photography again in a way that wasn’t just about product shots for my blog. Alongside all of this, she’s this incredible Instagram wizard and has amazing tips and tricks on how to grow your Instagram that she so willingly shares. (I’d recommend signing up to her monthly hashtag newsletters, they’re ace).

I’m looking forward to 2017 and all the wonderful content these ladies are going to create...
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