A Year of Slow Beauty

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A beautifully textured sustainable material that holds its shape well.

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The big beauty clutter. It was frightening to open those cupboards and drawers and sift through baskets of products that were left untouched, half used, leaky. In fact, I felt quite disappointed in myself. This year I want to hold onto less material things. Or rather less unnecessary material things. To stop buying so much skincare that it starts to feel a little overwhelming and stressful to choose what to use. I threw away, recycled and gave away until it felt like I was back to the drawing board. A fresh start that felt lighter. Going forward, I'm going to ensure I buy new skincare only when I finish one of its kind. (That shelf of cleansers multiplied like rabbits last year and it wasn't pretty). 

Do you feel re-energised after a good declutter?

I did the same for my wardrobe, desk and am working on the book shelf situation.

And then I invested in these beautiful handmade sustainable storage solutions from WarmGreyCompany. I love the minimal design and texture. They neatly hide things that I reach for often but tend to look messy/collect dust when left out in the open. You can see a medium sized one on the left of my dresser top. By far one of my favourite purchases last year. I even purchased a larger ones to use as a laundry basket freeing up floor space as it tucks quietly into the corner.

A year of slow beauty

Embarking on a journey to take slow living lessons and apply them to beauty. Three things to focus on for a year of slow beauty.

I may not have committed myself to many resolutions or big yearly goals but there is one theme I want to carry with me through this year and beyond. Minimise, simplify and be kind. 

Minimise the draw of makeup, too many makeup brushes (when I mainly use my fingers - it's ridiculous), thinking carefully before a purchase.

Simplify my beauty routine. Pair it back to the basics of cleansing, hydrating, protection and treatment when necessary. Layering 6 products are for those rare occasion, go easy on the makeup with a light base and just add Glossier balm dot com everywhere for glow. Multi-purpose makeup feels good.

Be kind to my skin. Don't stress it out with a new product every few weeks. Nourish my body and let it reflect outwards.

A journey to explore how to connect slow living with beauty begins...


Discussing my slow living journey, thoughts on self-doubt and mentioning tea (of course).

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