Sheet Mask Sunday A'pieu My Skin-fit Sheet Mask

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After introducing the  Sheet Mask Squad subscription box to this blog, I decided on a weekly series reviewing individual sheet masks. First up is, dare I say, one of the best sheet masks I've ever used. Shortly after using the A'Pieu My Skin-Fit Mask I was scouring the web for somewhere to buy them. These sheet masks come in a range of flavours: lime, rose, baobab, quinoa and honey. Definitely paying tribute to the superfood trend. I used the baobab version and my skin has been benefiting from the results for days.


With sheets made from lyocell fabric (derived from natural wood), this cellulose mask was a little smaller and much thinner than ones I've used previously. I loved this because it fit my face better and I was able to smooth it onto the contours removing any air bubbles. They are most effective this way. Sheets made from this material tend to be more effective than cotton because it allows for the formulation to absorb into the skin more effectively.


Baobab seed extract - The star of the show! This provides intense hydration and moisture for the skin. It has also been found to contain high concentrations of Vitamin A and C. This sheet mask was enriched with approx 0.6 % .
Hyaluronic acid - Another favourite for hydrating and plumping up the skin. It pairs well with the baobab and makes this a great mask for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types.
sheet mask apieu skin-fit baobab skincare korean beauty


I tried this mask first from August's Box because I was drawn to the simplicity and matte finish of the packaging. Most sheet mask packs I come across have a glossy, playful and usually busy design on them. I had no issues unfolding this ultra fine mask and adhering it to the skin. They say you should leave it on for 15-20 minutes. The mask was pretty drenched in essence so I would recommend leaving it on for as long as you can before it starts to dry out.

I was shocked that after 15 minutes mine was drying out. My skin was obviously a lot more dehydrated that I'd thought. There was still a generous helping of the essence in the packet so I kept this and used it morning and night for the next two days.

Honestly, I'd love a bottle of just the essence. It did wonders to plump up and rehydrate my skin. I had more of a glow to my complexion as it didn't look so fatigued and stressed. Applying the essence as a first layer after cleansing allowed further products to apply like a dream (especially makeup in the mornings). It gave my foundation a dewy finish and you know those are my favourite.

VERDICT: I will definitely buy this again. A couple more baobab ones are on the cards and I'd like to try the quinoa one since I'm on a superfood roll.

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