Mindful Moments | Aurelia Skincare London Pop-up Boutique

Aurelia Skincare London Pop-up Boutique

A moment of calm amidst London's busy streets. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare's pop-up boutique on Picadilly is a breath of fresh air. A clean, bright space decked out with delicate flowers, it gives off tranquil vibes and a botanical pick me up. I've been using Aurelia's products for years so I was excited to see what new products were on the horizon and check out the hyped Botanical Cream Deodorant. 

Skincare is a passion of mine so having the chance to spend the morning chatting skincare, ingredients and science with their wonderful team was amazing. I've made many a mental note of ingredients to check out, one being butcher's broom, which sounds magical. It's an evergreen shrub that helps with dark circles and is an anti-inflammatory. It's in the Eye Revitalising Duo. I'm pretty sure this is going to spiral into an entire blog post on dark circles and eye care. 

I was given a wonderful hand massage using the body oil (which I use in the mornings) and their Repair & Brighten Hand Cream. It's the one in the snazzy gold tube, you can't miss it. It's quite a light, non-greasy formulation which I was surprised by considering the number of oils in it. And obviously, it smells gorgeous. Handbag essential? Yes please!

Aurelia Skincare London Pop-up Boutique
Aurelia Skincare London Pop-up Boutique Botanical Cream Deodorant


Recently, Aurelia launched their Botanical Cream Deodorant which has been in the works for two years. You know I'm big on natural deodorants so I was intrigued by this. I've tried these cream formulations before and not been a fan. However, my first impressions say that this is very light and almost transforms into a dry powdery finish. I also love the fresh unisex scent of eucalyptus and peppermint. I was expecting something quite herbal or floral so that was a pleasant surprise. I will report back after I've tried my adorable mini version. It's getting the HIIT workout test. If you're new to the brand, this is a great entry product to this luxurious range, coming in at £18.00,

In November, we will see the launch of their Botanical Essences. These beautiful mists bring together the wonders of effective skincare and mindfulness. You can use them as a calming and refocusing spritz or as a facial mist step in your skincare routine. They both have a very fine and refreshing mist and the scents envelop you slowly. With the rise in crystals trending in beauty, I love that quartz crystal water has been used in both. They will be coming out in two versions. 

Aurelia Skincare Botanical Essences New

Calming Botanical Essence

The soother and stress reliever. This contains pure, filtered glacier water, linden blossom, chamomile, camellia and lavender. 

Brightening Botanical Essence

Based on scent alone, this was my favourite and I can't wait to be able to purchase one. This is your uplifting and energising essence. It contains volcanic water and geranium, cedarwood, fennel and magnolia. It also has magnesium salts which many studies say helps to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

I'm not normally one for "live blogging" but the Aurelia pop-up's last day is the 15th so I wanted to share asap. If you are in London, I'd recommend stopping by. They also give mini treatments redeemable against a purchase which can make for a great de-stressor on your lunch break. 


Mindful Moments Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Pop-Up Boutique
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