5 Beauty Essentials For Organic September

beauty essentials organic september soil association aloe spiezia

This year, for Organic Beauty Week, the Soil Association are running with the campaign #lookforthelogo . Encouraging people to seek out the Soil Association logo that approves beauty products of being organically certified. Unlike food, it's a blurred line when it comes to knowing whether a beauty product is actually organic. So, the safest option is to #lookforthelogo.

Organic September is a great movement to encourage people to choose organic in small steps. Whether that be through food, clothing, beauty or other hygiene essentials. When it comes to beauty, going cruelty-free is my number one priority. Then, I'll look for organic, natural and effective products based on good ingredients. I wanted to share my current top 5 beauty essentials for this month. If you're interested in discovering more organic beauty brands then check out my post for last year's #CampaignForClarity.


Between the ever increasing patches of skin that I'm developing eczema on and the heatwave we had over September, aloe vera gel has been my most used product. I've been using it on the tops of my ears that got burnt whilst gardening (oops), on dry limbs and tired feet. You can check out my full review of this gel and other products in their aloe range here. Aloe vera is a staple that I think belongs in all beauty cupboards.


Many months ago I spoke about their crystal stick version and how good it was but that the format was wrong for me. I've since purchased the liquid spray which is so much easier to use. It contains aloe vera and baking soda and is unscented. Deodorants were one of the first things I switched to a natural alternative without aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens or alcohol. This deodorant sits on the surface of the skin and inhibits the production of bacteria (which is what causes odour). A much better solution than clogging the pores.

beauty essentials organic september soil association aloe spiezia


Cleansing balms are my favourite way to deep clean my skin after a long day (especially when makeup is involved). I love something that melts into the skin easily for a good facial massage and with a beautifully calming scent. My two favourites are the 3107 London Heart & Soul balm and Spiezia's Facial Cleanser . Both have been created with gorgeous essential oils and butters.


I've been loving rosewater facial mists or ones blended with lavender or other floral waters. Melvita have a beautiful selection and there are gems from Neal's Yard too. Not only have they been refreshing in the heat, but they soothe red, irritated skin and help rehydrate.


I've been loving the Spiezia Rosemary Ointment  ever since my spa treatment at the end of August. It does wonders to relax tired, aching muscles and my arms and shoulders have appreciated this after upper body workouts and gardening. 


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