I Started A Beauty Trends Magazine

pretty analytics on trend beauty magazine industry report

When I launched Pretty Analytics back in early July, there was already a plethora of interesting data at my fingertips. Particularly when it came to exploring trends both niche and growing within the beauty industry. In figuring out how to share this information, “On Trend” was born.

Issue TWO found its way to inboxes earlier this week. On Trend is essentially a monthly beauty trend report with magazine vibes. It's not "number heavy" and is designed to be an easy yet informative read. It’s free and for anyone curious about the beauty industry. You don’t need to be an industry insider or work with a beauty brand. In fact, it’s given me a few blog post ideas along the way and a chance to discover new brands and products.

If you enjoyed my “Trendwatch” series on this blog and wanted something more substantial (and consistent) feel free to sign up below. (You’ll get both issues ONE and TWO). And normal blogging shall resume shortly. There are a couple of interesting sheet masks I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.

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