A Beginner's Look At Cinemagraphs

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Cinemagraphs have become my new favourite source of inspiration and hobby. These photographs, with subtle elements of movement, have so much potential and I've enjoyed getting creative and testing the waters. Without the use of Flixel (because I don't own any Apple products) I took to Photoshop to learn this skill. I've been following along with this video by Phlearn to get to grips with the process. I wanted to share my beginner examples (you may have noticed one in this beauty review post ).

They all start with a video. You then have to clip and create a copy of the video overlaying it to create an endless loop. Online, they are forever looping GIF files. But without a smooth transition back to the first frame, you'll see the jump and the effect won't work. In a lot of my cases, I need to work on mapping the two video layers more accurately so you can't see the transitions.

On top the video layers, you place a still shot from the video. Then, layer a mask on top to see through to the elements of the video that you want visible. The more movement/busy a video is, the harder this is to do. You will need to follow paths in the masking if the movement of different objects cross. It's definitely piqued my interest and made me a little more comfortable using Photoshop.

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cinemagraph photoshop phlearn tea deskspace
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What are your thoughts on cinemagraphs?


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