Autumn Reading List (+ A Cool Place To Buy Books Online)

Autumn Reading List Haruki Murakami Fans Alibris

Reading fiction has been a welcomed escape for me this year. I spend so much time staring at a screen that the thought of relaxing by watching TV is not all that appealing. I've grown up seeing the fun in exploring local libraries and second-hand bookshops. I discovered an online second-hand book shop called  Alibris which is the source of all the books currently on my reading list. You can search for any book and they give you a list of book sellers, condition of the book and prices. It's recommended you purchase as many of the books you want from the same seller to reduce shipping costs but overall it works out to be very affordable. Sometimes you get practically new books too. It worked out that I ended up getting each of these for about £3.00 each. (P.S this isn't sponsored. I think this is a cool website and though avid readers would enjoy it).

If you're a fan of Haruki Murakami then some of these may be ones to add to your reading list. I'll start with Murakami's  The Elephant Vanishes. It's a collection of stories where he has worked his magic to take seemingly everyday occurrences and turn them on their heads into surreal and eerie conditions. This is one to let the imagination run wild and although I wonder if I'll find it slightly disturbing, I'm intrigued. 

These next two I've already read.  The Theif by Fuminori Nakamura follows a character called Nishimura who is a skilled pickpocket. The premise is that his past catches up with him after he's offered a dangerous job and ends up tangled in something bigger than him. It appeared to be a thriller styled mystery at first but after reading it, it's definitely not that. It doesn't focus on the plot of the job as much but more on how the protagonist deals with life, his outlook and what he really wants. In hindsight, I got a sense of sadness from the main character.

Autumn Reading List Haruki Murakami Fans Alibris

Yoko Ogawa's Revenge is a short read of 162 pages. However, it makes a deep impression and is one I will definitely re-read. I love books where you want to read them again because you feel there is still more to take in. Each chapter is a short story. However, they all link up through characters and themes. Some of it's sad, some funny and some disturbing. It's not what I expected. It was so much better. You definitely need to read it slowly and take your time, though in order to not miss the connections. 

Missing Kissinger by Etgar Keret is a collection of short stories that cover a range of themes from funny to downright disturbing and dark. I've got a thing for these short story collections lately. I have no idea what Etgar's writing, background or style is like. This was a bit of a wildcard purchase based on other's saying that it was liked by Murakami fans. 

Finally, another Yoko Ogawa read.  The Housekeeper + The Professor looks to be a quirky tale. I've just started reading this. It's a story about a housekeeper who goes to work in the house of an old math professor. He used to work at a university but had an accident and now only retains 80 minutes of short-term memory with his mind being stuck in the 70's. This one looks to be more of a warming story that focuses on building relationships and growing as a person. 

Igniting the imagination and enjoying stories for more than the actions of their characters, I've loved delving into this reading list. If you think we have similar tastes then do check out my  Goodreads page or leave a comment with your latest read. 


Autumn Reading List
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