6 Useful Bullet Journal Spreads For Bloggers

6 Useful Bullet Journal Spreads For Bloggers

Since the post where I shared my bullet journal setup went down so well, I thought I’d share a few more page spreads. These focus particularly on blogging. Although I have a separate notebook to jot down concrete blog post titles and details, my bullet journal ties in personal, work and blogging aspects.

For me to consistently post content, I need to be aware of what posts I want to write in a month so I can be sure to carve out time write and take photos for them. I’ve never felt that fear of messing up my bullet journal by crossing something out so, for me, these plans don’t seem set in stone. If I change my mind and feel inspired to write a blog post planned for two weeks away then so be it, I’ll write that instead. (You can kind of see this from February’s Blog Content spread).


Yes, I know numbers aren’t everything but if you’re looking to grow your blog and want to see what works etc. then it means something. It’s also a confidence boost to see when you’ve grown on a platform and your content has been well received. I choose to draw this table to track social media and blog metrics on a monthly basis. I try to avoid looking at numbers much except for these times when I’m filling in the grid. This way, instead of getting bogged down because I have less page views than yesterday I can focus on creating good content.


At the start of each month in my bullet journal, I draw up the days and write in blog posts on the days they should go live. I don’t always fill this in entirely but it’s a quick way for me to glance and see what content I should be preparing for. I’ll also leave a space at the bottom to write any other post ideas that come to mind in that month.

I’ve always been a fan of having a digital calendar. I created an editorial calendar with Asana before but lately, I’ve found having that down time to plan in my bullet journal quite therapeutic. If anything, it’s not that this method is more effective than Asana it’s more just me looking for opportunities to be away from a screen.

Bullet Journal Ideas for bloggers - Editorial Calendar


If you struggle to come up with new ideas then this one can be so helpful. Creating a mind map has really opened up the options for me on content ideas. To start this process you could write down a post you’d written that was received well and from this, stem other ideas that link onto it. For example, that’s how I came up with this post idea.

Sometimes, it’s just a case of linking together key words and phrases until they form a distinct content idea. Because it’s in your bullet journal, you can come back to it any time and add on ideas.


If, like me, you struggle to keep up with Twitter chats this could be helpful. I had already made one of these on a piece of A4 before I started my bullet journal but if you haven’t I’d recommend dedicating a page for it. It’s especially helpful for those times when you stumble upon a chat in your feed and want to make a note for when the next one is. You can also colour code it and use coloured squares on your weekly spread to denote which chats you want to take part in that week. Personally, I find I need to plan it into my daily list in order to ensure I’m allowing myself the time to participate and enjoy it without worrying about what else I should be doing.

Two of my new favourites are:
  • #theyearinbooks (first Monday of every month)
  • #theinstachat  (last Tuesday of every month)
Bullet Journal Ideas for bloggers - Mind Map for content creation


Creating a blog post series can be quite lucrative. It gives you consistent content and can help you garner a wider audience that engages more often. Monthly favourites, book of the month, sharing the blog love etc. can get overwhelming if you’re not keeping track.

This was a tracker idea that came to mind when I decided to start my end of the month Instagram series sharing my new favourite accounts and hashtags. I’ve dedicated a spread for this series and split it into 12 sections. I can then jot down ideas and discoveries in the moment before I forget.

Extra Tip: Ideas for photographs, props to use or inspiration is worth jotting down especially if, like me, you tend to bulk take photographs. Having a space to put together visual ideas can be helpful if you’re taking photos for several different posts and don’t want them to all follow one uniform theme.


This was a strange one to write about. Sometimes, I find myself with the seed of an idea or a keyword but I haven’t quite decided how it becomes a piece of content. A page in your bullet journal to jot down these words or phrases can be helpful. Perhaps you might prefer this to the mind map?

In my example, I’ve created a page to list beauty trends. From ingredients to formulations to skin finishes and colour, this is something I want to keep on top of not just for work but as a personal interest. Some other examples of how this could be used:

  • Listing brands you want to check out, work with or pitch to.
  • Blogging tools and apps you want to learn more about that perhaps you heard of in passing.
  • Maybe you’re inspired by something you saw on Pinterest and want to note down some keywords that come to mind before you forget.
  • Quotes or lyrics that you see or hear that resonate with you. A collection of these could end up making a really good blog post or captions on your Instagram photos.
Bullet Journal Ideas for bloggers - Keep track of trends
Blogging has become such an integral part of my life that it would have been strange for me to not include a few dedicated spreads in my bullet journal. It’s interesting since for a tech based hobby, I’m constantly looking for off screen ways to work on it.  I’d love to know though, if you keep a bullet journal and write a blog, do you have any blogging related spreads?


6 Useful Bullet Journal Spreads For Bloggers | Including trackers and how to create a simple and flexible editorial calendar on one page.
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