My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals

My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals

My fourth month of bullet journaling begins with a fresh new year. As a beginner to this planning and productivity method, I thought I’d share some simple ways to create useful weekly spreads and monthly pages in a bullet journal that focuses on goal setting and tracking.

If, like myself, you’re new to bullet journaling then these might be helpful and attainable to create. When I first started researching what pages I wanted to create in mine I was overwhelmed by the detailed choices and artistic flare that people added to theirs. I have legible handwriting and some badass Castell pens - that’s as artistic as it gets for me. But that’s okay. 

Bullet journals are supposed to be personalised to you.

If you decide to use any of these or add your own flair to them then I’d love to know. Side note: I write very detailed to-do lists and personal notes in my weekly spreads so that’s why I’ve mostly shown blank versions before I’ve filled them in. The photos would look less pretty if I had to block things out.


My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals - Monthly Spread

Instead of creating a monthly title page (because drawing is not a particular set of skills I own), I created this goals page. Titled by month, it’s split into three sections: work, blog and personal. On the side of personal there’s a space for “daily tasks” which I use to scribble down habits that I want to form in that month.

WORK: I will look at what is happening in quarter 1 and build in what needs to be done based on priority and dependency. The aim is to complete a third of the work for Q1.

BLOG: I’m planning to launch a shop on my blog by the Spring so that surrounds my main monthly goal here. However, in previous months, I’d write down what I wanted to focus on such as creating quality content, uploading to Instagram daily or interacting on Twitter more.

PERSONAL: This usually falls in the form of a lifestyle or fitness goal. Alongside this, are any daily habits I want to put into place. For example, this month, I want to make sure I get to bed by 11pm so I can be up early. Some people create trackers where each square denotes a day they’ve fulfilled the action they’ve set. This visual representation of progress can help motivate you to form the habit.


My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals - Weekly Spread

I have a pretty minimal view for my week. I tend to write quite a few things in on the weekdays, so this design is maximised and I very rarely am left with lots of blank space. Across the top of the week view, I will write three goals of the week.

Sometimes, there will be a task that needs completing that may take several days of work to build on. I’d consider this a weekly goal. For example, “fix website responsiveness across all platforms and devices”.

Whilst monthly goals are specific focuses of an overall larger goal or “big picture”, weekly goals focus on actionable tasks and reduce that overwhelming feeling and provide clarity. I talked about this process more in the post below.


My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals - Monthly Reflection

A page I took out of last year’s The Happiness Planner (quite literally). The reflection page at the end of each month was my favourite to fill in. It helped me track where I’m at, take a moment to process the ups and downs of the last four weeks and plan looking forwards.

It’s also interesting to look back on at the end of a year as it acts a bit more like a diary entry. The daily writings in my bullet journal (and previously, Happiness Planner) are really no more than to do lists once you look back on it. So, the reflection page gives a bit more depth and insight into how I felt that month too.


  • Yearly business plan - A page split into quarters to denote Q1 - Q4. I write the main goals of each quarter in.
  • Yearly blog plan - Similar to the above but a lot more blank as I’ve never planned that far ahead into a bigger picture with this blog.
  • Gratitude log - a line a day to write something I’m grateful for. I try and make them different and specific to that day.
  • Reading list - great for jotting down books I want to read or am interested in checking out.
  • Trends - This page is a mix for work and this blog where I jot down trends in the beauty industry that I’ve stumbled upon or something new and interesting that requires some research.
It helps to jot things down when they come to mind or pop up whilst I’m doing something else. This means I get less side tracked and can deal with those notes and ideas at a more appropriate time.


This is the fun part, right?

  • The journal itself - Leuchtturm1917 dotted paper. This has an index in the front and is well recommended for bullet journaling.
  • Writing tools - Faber Castell PITT artist pens. I have a pack with different sizes and types of tips. These pens are amazing because they don’t smudge, feather or leak/bleed through the paper. They are waterproof, Indian ink.
  • Colouring pencils - to add a splash of colour to my otherwise minimal approach. I tend to colour in a box and write in the workout for the day.
  • Paper stickers - these come in circles and masking strips with different patterns. You can write on them and I will put them to denote events or anything particular happening on a day. It also makes them standard when you open a week view. I also love Jemma's stickers from her Dorkface Etsy shop.
My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals - bullet journal stationery
My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals - bullet journal stationery
I’d love to know if you’ve started a bullet journal this year or are a veteran to the process? I was always the one with a page a day Moleskine planner that I’d scribble in profusely. It was great but so disorganised in the grand scheme of things in terms of planning ahead or tracking where you’re at. There’s still a lot of experimenting I’d like to do but for now, I’m very happy with my current setup.
My Bullet Journal Setup + How To Set & Track Goals on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Includes my current spreads, additional pages to add and what stationery and tools I use in my bullet journal.
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