Charcoal Pore Strips | Biore & Etude House

charcoal pore strips biore etude house yesstyle chin pack

Charcoal and pore strips together in a sentence is music to my ears. Exactly the kind of remedy needed to deep clean those pores. I first mentioned how excited I was to try these Biore Pore Strips and Etude House Chin Packs in my Yesstyle Skincare Haul.

Since then, I've had mixed feelings on them. In short, both strips are decent. Decent in a sense that they do something but at a bare minimum. I need to repurchase my original besties, the Biore Charcoal Strips from Boots, because these Japanese ones are just not as good.


I should first point out that I purchased this Japanese version because it was a lot cheaper than the ones available in Boots and I figured that Kao (the company that own Biore, John Frieda, Jergens and a few others) would make them the same. My mistake. These are not as hardcore as the ones I've purchased in the UK. They don't appear to pull out as much crap from my pores and I really can't figure out why. For someone with mild pore cleaning needed and minimal blackheads, it'll be sufficient.


Adorable packaging as always Etude House. I could never fault you on that front. I'm concerned for my chin for the same reasons as my nose. Ensuring those large pores are clean and eliminating blackheads. I expected that these would be like the nose strips but in a more suited shape to use on your chin. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case.

You use them in the same way. Wet your chin, apply the strip, let it dry for 10 minutes and peel off. However, the charcoal on the top of the strip comes off on your hands when they're wet and sticks to your skin afterwards. It requires a good cleaning with a cloth to get it all off as it's quite tacky. The strip doesn't really fit my chin so it was hard to get it to stick down and cover as much surface area as possible. Perhaps that's just my knobbly chin problem, though.

Yes, these do work. It does pull out gunk and blackheads but for me, I didn't find it powerful enough to get the entire job done. It's a shame really because the idea of having chin strips is so ideal! I will use these out but next time I'll consider getting a tube of one that you apply like a mask, let it dry and then peel off. Something like the Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean Up Mask.

As always, I'm on the quest for more charcoal skincare. Anything you'd recommend?

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