The Power Of Crystals In Your Beauty Routine

The Power of Crystals in your beauty routine

Crystals are making their mark on a mainstream beauty level. No longer seen as decorations or paperweights by the masses but instead cocooned into the heart of many beauty routines. From skincare to pamper products, this episode of trendwatch is here to dazzle you with the stars of the show.


There’s a spiritual foundation to this trend. Before this became about topical beauty, crystals were used to radiate good vibes and banish negative energy. Many of the beauty brands I’ve seen incorporate the use of crystals, have touched on this element and brought the aspect of wellness, mindfulness and mental health into the picture. I’ve always thought that one’s beauty routine shouldn’t feel like a chore and should be seen as more of an act of self-care.

Whilst many will say that a lot of it is just a fleeting trend and a marketing ploy, I can’t help but appreciate this as another example of how the beauty and wellness industries have come together. Creating products to help people feel good about themselves on both an internal and external level is a positive step forward. 


The power of crystals in your beauty routine prismologie

Minerals, gemstones and crystals have become popular ingredients featured in a number of skincare products from facial spritzers to serums and cleansers. The interesting part for me was researching how these scientifically have an effect on the skin. I’ll admit, researching this was difficult. There’s a lot of talk on how the crystals affect your vibe, aura and the energies that surround you which I feel would only make a difference to someone who genuinely believes in their abilities. Rose quartz, jade and amethyst (among others) are used often in traditional Chinese medicine so I’d imagine they must make a difference if they’re still being used today.

I was able to stumble upon a couple of physical benefits:

Diamond - Popular in a few Korean skincare ranges, in powder form this can be a great physical exfoliant.

Jade - Used in these Ying Yu Rollers for facial massage. I have a rose quartz one and find it cooling and gentle on the skin. The motions in itself are great for helping with circulation, lymphatic drainage and relieving tension in the face.

Tourmaline - There is a tiny bit of research that implies this mineral radiates infrared rays which heat the skin and boost circulation.

Prismologie crystals in your beauty routine

In the end, although I was unable to cite any real scientific evidence for the most part, I still stand by promoting the power of crystals in your beauty routine because the mind and your well-being is a powerful thing. Perhaps it’s a case of the placebo effect but as it stands, it’s doing more good than harm. Many of the products I’m going to list below would make for a beautifully indulgent pamper session (or a great gift).

House of Intuition - I love their packaging designs to start with. They provide an array of quirky products to perk up your bath with beautiful, calming scents and pretty coloured water. I’m a fan of the Moonlight Bath Bag because it sounds like bathing in a charming brew of tea. Available at BeautyMART.

Prismologie - An incredible range that maximises the potentials of colour therapy, crystals and gorgeous scents. I love their Indigo range which smells of oud and includes sapphire in the products (a candle and foot cream). Available here.

Therapie - I love the Restore Aura Spray and the invigorating scent of the Boost Hair & Body wash.

Aurelia Skincare’s newly launched Botanical Essences both contain quartz crystal water. Read more about them here.


The Power of Crystals in your Beauty Routine
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