Embracing The Seasonal Shift

embracing the seasonal shift autumn mornings bloom and wild nikki tibbles vase by suhaylah
teapigs up beet tea for energy 

September began and I was already pressing my Summer flowers and scoping out the reds and oranges in the trees. Autumn has always been my favourite season, not because of the months of the year it falls in but because of the way nature shifts and the air is crisp and fresh and the light comfortable; not burning through in the afternoons. I realise that the true essence of Autumn isn’t here yet and part of me is still glad because my tomatoes have yet to finish ripening. It has been a slow and steady harvest - perhaps on purpose to fall effortlessly into the rate at which they can be eaten. It’s Sunday and I’m feeling slow and wanting to pen this letter in ode of how I’m embracing the seasonal shift.

I’ve connected wholeheartedly with nature this year. Through practical means, curiosity and just appreciating and embracing its wonder. Now I can’t help but feel excited (and a little anxious) of each season that turns. What can they each offer? As the daylight shrinks and bitter winds file in, we will probably all need a little reminder on the beauty of each season to pass.

Hello, September. Our tour guide into Autumn. A gentle nudge to what’s in store. Here are a few notes on how I’m transitioning into this new season.
  • FLOWERS. My local wildflower meadow and rose garden have been quieting down. I’m getting ready to snip and press the flurry of marigolds I managed to grow this Summer alongside the few winding snapdragons. Glorious burnt orange roses arranged with eucalyptus and wax flowers among others have been placed around the house. The selection pictured is the Autumn Mornings bouquet from Bloom & Wild in collaboration with Nikki Tibbles. (And the vase and hand painting was made by suhaylah).
the language of flowers botanical books
moving on from summer botanical floral
  • DECLUTTER. I take the idea of “Spring cleaning” into every season or month as it so happens. I cleared my desk out of post-it notes and placed a neat pile of notebooks (yes, each one has a different use not really because I’m super organised but rather need some things to be separate to help clear my mind).
  • SCENT.I’ve become quite attached to scent. I spent a substantial length of time browsing in Penhaligons the other week determine to find a scent that would evoke a comforting feeling for me. The fact that my conservatory smells of coriander and tomatoes and I love it. The fresh, crisp verdure scent of Malée’s room mist* . It’s a light citrus with mint and patchouli notes adding a layer of warmth. I find it great for helping me focus at my desk. In general, I’ve recently come to discover how certain scents genuinely help me take some of the sharp edge off of my anxiety. Particularly, when I need to leave the house. But that’s a post for another day.
malee verdure fragrance room mist 
  • MINIMAL BULLET JOURNAL. I’ve condensed my weekly spread down to one page. No boxes or lines, just a simple highlight to name each day. I’ve been finding this so much easier to work with.
  • SEASONAL READING. I’ve already admitted to having five books on the go and whilst I definitely want to finish at least one of those this month (The Hidden Life of Trees - it will be you!) I’m also hoping to crack open Beverly Nichol’s Down the Garden Path as a way to unwind alongside a cuppa. I’ve been enjoying the up beet blend from teapigs in the afternoons. A more natural energy boost that doesn’t make my head buzz like coffee.
  • SKINCARE. Basically, all of the products I mentioned in this post. I’m focusing on hydrating and replenishing my skin (it’s been rather stressed out lately).

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