Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of | Pretty Not Included

It turns out, “masking” is one of the top searched skincare terms. Face masks are one of those skincare products you can hoard for years. Cupboards of jars and tubes and packets for every occasion. In an attempt to minimise the amount of stuff I have, I’ve narrowed down my face mask collection to the ones that bring in results every single time. In particular, these four target different concerns and originate from four brands that may not be on your radar.

Make P:rem

In-shower masks are having their moment. This one from make p:rem has become nothing short of a little skincare obsession of mine. It’s a thick, dark gel that looks like honey (but is very easy to spread) and you can wear it in the shower or bath. Designed for multi-tasking, fast paced lifestyle folk, it gets me every time when I don this and can wash my hair without the mask slipping off my face. You can’t feel it on your skin but the formula is packed with acids and sits like a jelly so it takes a good few splashes of water for it to wash off.

Recommendation: Use this whenever your skin is looking dull or lacklustre. A quick pick me up that can be used in the gym shower or in the morning before heading to work without eating into your schedule.

RESULTS: Instantly brighter skin (oh, thank you gentle chemical exfoliation), smoother skin texture especially on my cheeks and a more even complexion.

Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of | Make p:rem wonderful me in shower face pack


Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of | Elde Detox Mask

Earlier this year, my skin was breaking out left, right and center and my usual skincare routine was just not cutting it. Most of it was hormonal but I did find that this new Elde mask turned down the volume on them. It’s a clay mask which is always a good pick for me when I need to deeply purify and exterminate gunk on my skin.

Elde is a cruelty free and vegan Norwegian brand that I was first drawn to for its minimal and clean packaging. Their makeup gave me RMS Beauty vibes but their skincare offering is more substantial. This white clay based mask does everything you’d expect of a detox mask without drying out the skin. It contains Elde’s signature luxury oil blend which I’d imagine is why. It spreads on quite creamy and feels super luxurious.

Recommendations: Perfect for a weekly deep clean of the skin, to soothe hormonal breakouts or any breakouts really and can be used on target areas. I prefer this to the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask for performance and love it just as much as Elemental Herbology’s Facial Detox Mask.

RESULTS: Breakout areas simmered down, it soothed the redness and helped spots heal without getting dry and flaky and you know that image I’m talking about, sorry.



Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of | thank you farmer back to relax gel mask
Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of  | thank you farmer back to relax gel mask

After falling in love with the ethos and produce range of Farmacy Skincare, Thank you Farmer drew me in. It’s not just an aesthetically pleasing Korean beauty brand but (as the name suggests) promotes a natural, grounded and authentic skincare range full of farm-grown ingredients. It plays on that minimalist vibe, not just in design, but in what the products claim to do. They are a fuss free options with beautiful formulations.

One such option is the Back to Relax Soothing Gel Mask which feels amazing to use after a workout or long day. It contains soluble collagen, liquorice extract (for brightening) and hyaluronic acid. The kind of lineup you can expect juicy, plumped and happy skin from. It has a very light texture (much like jelly) but not as wobbly and firm. It feels so soothing and cooling on the skin.

Recommendations: For red, angry, irritated skin as it reduces redness and calms inflammation. Perfect for a hydrating pick me up, stressed or tired skin and a good option post long haul flight.

RESULTS: All of the awesome descriptive words as used above alongside dewy, hydrated and fresh looking skin.


Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of | Gallinee face mask and scrub

Hop on the prebiotic skincare trend. It’s no joke, I promise. Gallinée is french pharmacy meets science. A skincare brand that I’ve been loving since the early Springs of last year. Their Body Milk is one of my favourites (soothed my red, itchy skin in a few days). Recently, I got to try their 2in1 face mask and scrub*. It's clay based but has very fine scrubbing grains alongside lactic acid, Vitamin E and sea minerals. I reach for this once a week to transform my skin and “peel off” the layers of stress and tension from the last 7 days.

As someone who has incorporated prebiotic skincare into their routine for a long time, it definitely proves results when it comes to having overall healthy skin. Not just in how it looks but the day to day feeling and how it responds to other layers of skincare.

Recommendations: To anyone wanting some double action on the deep cleansing but also manual exfoliation. The grains are super fine so very gentle buffing works on shedding flaky/dry skin patches. I wouldn’t recommend using this over freshly active breakouts or super sensitive skin. It is very gentle on the chest though as opposed to a body scrub which i tend to find too harsh.


RESULTS: Smoother skin, refined skin texture across the t-zone and a slightly brighter look.

Four Amazing Face Masks From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of