Why Do I Own So Many Face Mists?

5 Amazing Face Mists Skincare

Why do I own so many face mists? The short answer; because they're amazing. The most effortless skincare step and yet they can reap so many effective skin benefits. To hydrate, balance, brighten, soothe and refresh the skin to name but a few. At one point, I noticed that my family of face mists had expanded past my cleanser stash. I have this habit of when I see a really good or curious mist, I end up buying it. They're unintrusive and I will always find a need for them year round. I'm going to share all my current favourites.and a sneak peek at my future spritzer wish list.


When I think of a refreshing and soothing pick me up, rosewater comes to mind. Its ability to calm and hydrate my skin is always welcomed. Lush's Eau Roma Water is a concoction of rose and lavender waters. It's a bargain spritz and has lasted me months. On the higher end of the scale is Jurlique's Rosewater Mist in a weighted, luxury bottle with a finely distributed mist. I'm convinced that a rosewater spritz or something calming is an essential to a skincare stash. 


A face mist before beginning the layering of skincare can make all the difference. These two act as moisture guards, sealing all the good stuff in and leaving my skin feeling more nourished and plumped. I reviewed the Etude House Mineral Bottle back in the Summer and I'm weighing up another bottle now. I loved this over dry and irritated skin.

A new favourite is the Goodal Waterest Fine Mist. And it is most definitely fine. The spritzing mechanism is on point making it a joy to apply. This contains twice fermented whole lotus flower and aims to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. For me, this is like a spray on essence and it has a beautifully light, herbal scent to it. Very spa like. Goodal is a brand on my watch list at the moment for their focus on fermented skincare.

Face Mists  Goodal Skincare


I'm not quite convinced by the idea of a face mist being able to protect your skin from UV and free radical damage. However, if they feel good, smell nice and hydrate my skin, I won't say no. REN's Anti-Pollution Mist has been a travel companion for me. I've written in detail about its key ingredients in my City Skin Protection post. 


> They are an effortless hydrating step.
They make my skin look dewy.
They can freshen up a makeup look.
They can be applied at any time during the day or night and on the go.


Whamisa Organic Flowers Rose Mist (didn't I tell ya I love rose?)
> Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Mist (it has 7 different seed oils, niacinamide and is this interesting mist, oil, essence hybrid)
May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden (because it's pure luxury) 
May Coop Morning Dew (maple water in skincare intrigues me)

Do you have any favourite face mists?


Best Face Mists
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