Finding Purpose | March Instagram Inspiration

Finding Purpose and indulging in imagery | March Instagram inspiration - slower living, nature and new hashtags

When I talk about finding purpose in your work I mean to find the “why?”. The “why” does not have to be some big, bold statement. It could simply be because you want to, because it’s fun, because it satisfies a craving to create and explore something new.

That’s where I am at with Instagram and many other things these days. I’m not fussed about the followers or the algorithm but just focusing on the content I want to create, the style that feels authentic to me and enjoying the process. Alongside this, are a selection of Instagram accounts that I indulge in for their incredible imagery and storytelling.

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And I started my own hashtag...


6 hashtags to explore

About capturing those messy, wild and beautiful moments of nature and slower living. Soil scattered among flower stems, the messy aftermath of berry picking with kids, dishevelled and surprisingly pretty plants or a breakfast table with coffee, toast and a scatter of breadcrumbs etc. I would love for you to join in and use the hashtag too. Looking forward to exploring your photos. :)