September Fitness Plan: Kicking My Routine Back Into Shape

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We started off on a good foot, exercise and I. After my extended break, I slowly built up into a 5-6 times a week routine of cardio, strength training and flexibility routines. I even threw a little pilates in there for good measure. The last few weeks have seen me spend more time at my desk and the kitchen counter than in my trainers or on my yoga mat. I've been feeling exhausted, drained and without the energy to pull myself together and decide on some exercise.

It's left me feeling pretty low about myself and stuck in a rut. So, I decided to take on a pre-made workout plan. Jessica Smith is my favourite fitness instructor. I've followed her routines for over a year and she was the one to introduce me to barre fitness (which I love). Taking part in her #FallChallenge will hopefully get me back into my exercise groove with fun, dynamic and effective routines. 

Signing up to her mailing list, you'll be sent the next week's workout schedule on Saturdays. The first one was sent out on the 10th September and I'd be happy to forward it on to anyone who wants to take part. Each day provides two options: one from her selection of workout videos and one from her free YouTube video collection. I'll be doing the latter for the next month.

fitness plan jessica smith fall challenge nike fury dumbbells

I've not stuck to a month long plan before. I'm excited! It's not about being too lazy to pick workout routines for myself but rather pushing myself to improve in many aspects of my fitness. In the last year, my rocky health has left me weary about pushing myself too hard but in following this plan I hope to strike balance and keep the momentum going. 

Of course, I'll be adding some light yoga to accompany each session and day 6 is usually a yoga/stretching routine anyway which sounds like a perfect Saturday morning to me.

Day 1 begins today.

I have a busy day ahead so I'm going to try something new and workout this morning instead. September has definitely been the month of fresh starts and new goals.

What are your thoughts on exercise plans? 

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