I Started A Slow Living Lifestyle Newsletter + Free Download

In the last year, creating small snippets of lifestyle content has been both a joy and a journey of personal discovery. It almost doubles as a form of therapy or relaxation depending on the topic at hand. A chance to empty my brain of the words it finds hard to contain.

This will always primarily be a beauty blog. I have not lost that passion for talking about this ever growing industry. The new brands, curious trends and innovative skincare. It’s why most of you are here and it’s what I’ve founded my little nook of the internet on.

But if you want something more or an “instead of” I’ve created a newsletter. It’s not about skincare or makeup. It’s about life, wellness and slower living. It’s thoughts and inspirations and stories (not just from me). It’s a chance for us to share and build a community on the other aspects of our lives that make us who we are. An opportunity to share our journeys to living a more purposeful and ultimately happier life.

It’s a newsletter for anyone who’s curious or passionate about aspects of slower living or even if you just want a few comforting words in your inbox now and again.

To launch this little newsletter to the world, I’ve created a free 7 Days Of Slow Living Guide that you will receive if you sign up. You can work through the pages a day at a time or read it all in one sitting. Your choice. I’d love for you to share your thoughts and photos reflecting each day you embrace with the tag #7daysofslow (on Twitter and Instagram) - this way, we can all keep in touch.

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