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You've probably seen 100 of these posts already but I write this for those of you that perhaps haven't or are curious about my top picks and to the point assessment. Glossier is a well loved, intensely hyped brand. Their marketing is spot on, their use of social media and readership opinion for research and product development is brilliant. Emily Weiss and her team are smart people. However, this post isn't about how I think their brand and business and strategy is interesting and something fresh for the industry. This is just about the products. Unlike my usual buying habits, I ordered a lot based on hype and wonderful reviews and recommendations. Those three boxes that arrived on the Friday of their first week of UK shipping was definitely an edit of my original basket.


glossier skincare milky jelly cleanser review

Milky Jelly Cleanser - My most coveted of the product range. This is a super gentle and easy cleanser - great over the eyes. Not the best for removing lots of makeup but as a second cleanse, it does the job. Love the jelly texture as it makes for a very light formulation. It washes off to leave soft skin without a greasy residue behind but also not squeaky clean. I love it best as a morning cleanse with its fresh rose water scent (since that's the second ingredient). 177ml / £15 - is decent for a daily cleanser (this is coming from someone who likes to buy luxury skincare and skimps on makeup and clothes).

Despite being better value for money, it doesn't beat the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel for me due to scent and the ingredients in Oskia's cleanser which help with the glow. BUT I will repurchase.

Soothing Mist - I know, I know, I paid £15 for a rosewater mist but I love this stuff. It’s soothing, hydrating, refreshing and doesn’t sting when I’m having a sensitive skin day. Sometimes simple is best and a good face mist is a staple for me.

Priming Moisturiser - In hindsight, I shouldn't have bothered with the Phase 2 set and just bought the rich version instead. The original in the tube is very light. I use two layers even after my essence and a hydrating serum. It conditions my skin nicely but I don't really get the primer element of this. The Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factors does a better job for me. I will say though, it would be a great in-flight skincare option as it is buildable in hydrating layers and it has a comforting cream smell which I like.  

Balm Dot Com - Perhaps not a revolutionary lip balm by any means but I do love this stuff and have done since last year. I wrote an entire blog post on it and its many uses. I decided to try the Birthday Balm because I fancied a bit of subtle glitter in my life. It's as conditioning on the lips, you can't feel the glitter at all. It's a very subtle shimmer that looks pretty over lipstick and swept over eyelids. The scent factor didn't occur to me with this one (it smells like birthday cake aka vanilla which I'm not a fan of) but it doesn't last long and this has become a staple every day for me. Tempted by the rose one now too.

glossier super bounce serum

Super Bounce - From the many reviews I perused, Super Bounce came out top from their trio serum offering. Spotlighted by Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid to provide soft, hydrated and juicy skin. It provides somewhat of a plumped, healthy skin feeling and it's great under makeup. The viscosity isn’t as thick as I’d prefer for a serum but it is super light. However, I still feel like the Huxley Oil Essence and Grab Water Essence has provided a richer, juicier skin effect after application. I have dehydrated skin that can look dull and drained and it needs more oomph. Honestly, if I hadn't tried the Huxley essences beforehand, I'd be more excited by this. However, Glossier is more readily available and cheaper so there's that to consider.

Oil Body Wash - What drew me to this was the 0% water. I love the idea of a rich body wash concocted with beautiful oils. It smells of orange blossom and neroli which is amazing! Considering the ingredients, I expected this to cost more for 250ml. This is saved as a shaving oil, much like how I used to use the L'occitane Almond Shower Oil. It makes for a close shave, doesn't clog the razor and leaves skin super smooth, conditioned and not stinging afterwards. Would highly recommend this one if you are okay with intense essential oil scents.


glossier haloscope quartz
glossier haloscope quartz swatch

Generation G Lipstick - I chose the shade Zip which builds up to a gloriously easy red lip but one layer makes for a nice wash of colour. I apply this over the balm dot com so don't find it to be that matte. It's definitely not drying and the formulation glides onto the skin. My sister has also taken a liking to this. I only ended up buying it because of the Phase 1 set but it has become my go-to lip shade. Love how travel-friendly the packaging is too. No chunky lipstick cases.

Boy Brow - I like this. The small easy to manoeuvre brush, the formulation that dries soft (not crispy) and isn't too wet that you have to wait 10 minutes before continuing. I love the brushed up brows it gives me. I already have thick brows though so I should have picked up the clear version instead of black. It is, however, nice to see a decent black tinted brow product instead of dark brown. There are some of us that actually do have jet black brows, thanks for noticing.

glossier you fragrance

Haloscope - Pigmented, soft and blendable. It melts into skin nicely and Quartz leaves a soft subtle highlight that catches the light in the best way. No glittery chunks and you can build up the layers for a more intense effect. I warm this between my fingers and then press onto the skin. It lasts well - I’m a fan!

Stretch Concealer - I love this stuff! I got the shade dark which works a charm over blemishes, under my eyes and to touch up over makeup. It's a soft formulation and melts easily into the skin. Very blendable and fuss free to apply with fingers. It builds well and is a lot more pigmented than I assumed it would be. It lasts the work day for me. I've been testing the concealer alone after my skincare routine and it really perks up my dark under eye circles, not clinging to dry patches (so perfect on old blemishes). My absolute favourite Glossier product and solid concealer. I've used many concealers of this formulation style before but this is hands down the best one I've used and I'm grateful for the yellower tone in the shade so it doesn't look orange on my skin. I hope they add more shades to this range.

You Fragrance - A comforting warm scent, very every day but with a kick of spice to it that could probably layer well with an evening scent. Totally my cup of tea and whispers Escentric Molecule vibes. I was already sold on this based on the sample vial but after being enveloped in it via the Glossier showroom in London, I was 100% sure on this buy. Also, the spritzing mechanism on the bottle works to a fine mist as opposed to a jet of perfume which is much appreciated.

Side Notes:

  • Love the pink bubble zip lock bags. These are great for travel and I've not got one in my handbag for all the bits and bobs and makeup on the go.
  • Yes to stickers because who doesn't love stickers? I can imagine if Glossier existed when I was a teen, these would be on my notebooks or along the mirror. Although, in my 20’s I’m not sure where to put these…
  • There’s a talk of a candle on the way. Intrigued, yes I am.
  • Too much damn packaging. A cardboard casing inside the cardboard box for each product. The products came inside those ziplock cases which were inside a branded Glossier box which was inside the also branded cardboard delivery box. The Glossier boxes are useful for storage but unnecessary.

Top Picks

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • Stretch Concealer
  • Haloscope
  • You Fragrance

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