Sheet Mask Sunday: Goodal Water Full Moisture

Sheet Mask Sunday Goodal Water Full Sheet Mask

I just love that term "water full". It sums up what plump, juicy skin means to me. Hydrated skin has been one of my main skincare goals this year. Of course, I still have a multitude of other concerns (blackheads, acne scarring etc.) but having nourished skin has made such a difference overall. Goodal is a new brand on my radar. I picked up a couple of their other products a few months back, pre-empting my A/W Skincare routine. Naturally, I was looking forward to giving this sheet mask a try.


The water full range actually comes in a series of other formats. This is the moisture version but there are also whitening, firming and nourishing sheets. The packaging is beautiful. Goodal has strayed from the cutesy, colourful vibes and gone for a sophisticated look with a slight scientific feel. The aquatic imagery pays homage to the nature of these mask's ingredients. Although each version contains its own suited key ingredients, all of the Water Full sheet masks contain deep ocean water extracts and Salicornia Herbacea


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Apologies for the bad formatting of the listing above. I had to type them out from the packaging. Being a proficient touch-typer is of no use when you have to watch your spelling so carefully. Anyway, as you can see, alcohol is way up top as an ingredient but so is the hyaluronic acid and deep sea water. There's also fragrance listed towards the end.


Hyaluronic Acid - You know the drill with this one. Super hydrating for the skin and helps to hold on to that moisture.

Deep Ocean Water Extracts - I'm not entirely sure what is meant by this. I'm guessing it's along the lines of algae, seaweed and other elements rich in minerals. 

Salicornia Herbacea Extract - This comes from the glasswort plant which typically grows in salty marshes. It is said to have hydrating properties by locking in moisture and be a good antioxidant.

Sheet Mask Sunday Goodal Water Full Sheet Mask


This sheet mask is what they call a "second skin sheet". It's incredibly thin, with a little stretch to it. You can properly smooth it down onto the skin going around the contours and features of your face, cancelling all of those air bubbles. I love this because you can really get the most out of a mask. I was surprised by how small the sheet mask was compared to other ones I've tried. It was the perfect size for my face. This has been noted as one of the best fitting sheet masks I've tried to date.

There was enough serum in the pack to apply a little to my skin beforehand as a prep and to use the next morning. When I removed the sheet, it was literally dripping onto the floor. The mask was soaked in a very light formulation. I'd consider it more of a watery essence than the serum style formulations I see often. I would imagine that this is due to the three types of water that substantially make up the essence (normal water, sea water and bamboo water).

Although they say you could leave this mask on for up to 20 minutes, I only managed 15 and that was at a push. It dried out quite quickly but I'm not sure if that was due to my skin being super dehydrated or evaporation of the water under central heating. 

My skin felt well nourished and hydrated afterwards. It had that plumped juicy "water full" feeling that I was looking forward to. The next morning, although my skin didn't feel as good as it did straight after use, it was visibly brighter. I think that without the alcohol it may have been a little more hydrating. On the whole, it was a decent mask and did not irritate my skin.

VERDICT: I would love to try the nourishing version of this which contains propolis, other vitamins and avocado. I think this is a great sheet mask to use as a top up if you want a mid-week pick me up. It's also a great option to use before getting ready for a special occasion. Especially since it stays on so well, you can paint your nails whilst you wait. 


Sheet Mask Sunday Goodal Water Full Sheet Mask
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