I Have This Thing For Gel Patches

I have this thing for gel patches | ruby bulgarian rose hydrogel patch
Gel patches. Those fiddly jelly shapes that peel off and sit under your eyes or over your mouth. You know the ones I’m talking about? Well, truth is, I’m kind of obsessed with them. It’s a mixture of the cooling and soothing sensation they provide, the amped up hydrating factor and satisfying squishy texture.

The first under eye patches I tried (and loved) were from DHC. The Revitalising Eye Strips did the job of pepping up the skin. I’d even wear them on long haul flights gaining myself a few awkward smiles. But they were more like cushiony stickers on the skin. So, when I discovered these thin jelly-like strips that are gel patches, I was intrigued. I've used hydrogel masks for the longest time and they've always been top notch for the most hydration and longest lasting time frame to use.

Starting with the Oh K Under Eye Mask, I loved how nourished and bright under my eyes would look afterwards. Thank you ginseng. Leaving these on for 30 minutes whilst typing away at my desk felt a little more balanced. I wasn’t sure I could afford to keep shelling out cash for these babies as you only get one pair in a pack. Ouch.

Oh K under eye mask gel patch

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I discovered these Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel eye patches from a Korean brand called Koelf Cosmetic. (Side note: it actually says “the eyepatch of elves” on the pot. Make of that what you will). You get 30 pairs in this pretty little pot and a spatula to carefully fish them out without contaminating them all. They live soaking in a formulation that smells of a light rose. They have this shimmery rose gold effect to them and glisten on the skin.

These do have fragrance in them so if you have sensitive skin I’d be weary. I wore them for 20 minutes and then would flip them over for 10. They’re decent. Cooling, soothing and just something to add a literal extra spark to a moment of relaxation as they don’t slip down the face.

Ruby Bulgarian rose hydrogel patches koelf cosmetics

If you’re new to the gel patch market or what to try some more accessible brands here are a couple for your wish list:

  • Skyn Iceland Patches (£25 for 8 pairs)
  • BioAqua Lip Mask (£3.50 at BeautyMART)
  • e.l.f. Skincare Hydrogel Under Eye Mask (£9.00 for 3 pairs)
  • Superdrug Refreshing Hydrogel Eye Patches (Cheapest at £1.49 a pair)
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