4 Podcasts To Help You Put Your Best Work Forward

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Another installment of inspirational podcasts is heading your way. I've found that my favourite time to listen to these is over my morning tea or on a walk whilst running errands. Strangely enough, I've actually come up with some good ideas and found solutions to my coding problems whilst my immediate attention has been focused on a podcast. They are amazing brain food full of engaging content that will encourage you to get up and go. So, let's hear 'em. 4 podcasts to help you put your best work forward, no matter what field you're in.

#1 The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry covers topics to help you on a journey to productive, focused and your best work. They are concise, easy listening episodes where he often features guests. What struck me was how clear and actionable the steps he talks about are. From developing a work routine that fits your needs to pinpointing simplicity and good habits in our everyday lives, there's a lot of content to take in. I sometimes re-listen to episodes that resonated with me most.

My Picks:
Don't let good rituals become destructive ruts
Make your ideas resonate with others

#2 Make It Happen - Season 3

Every time I talk about podcasts I mention Jen Carrington's Make It Happen. In August she launched Season 3. There's a stronger focus on the routines of creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed bodies. Talks on tackling daily workflows, balancing work and play, good habits and everything that leads up to shaping a healthier business for yourself and "making things happen on your own terms". Jen's mini episodes are still going strong too and provide a slice of insightful advice for anyone trying to shape their own biz, balance or side hustle.

My Picks:
The joyful grind
Making things happen on your own terms with Holly Booth

#3 Pro Blogger

I struggled to find podcasts on blogging that I enjoyed until I found ProBlogger. For the most part, blogging podcasts tend to cover topics and information I've seen time and again. Recycling what we already know about SEO, Pinterest and traffic or if not, nothing a 5 minute Google search won't provide. However, Darren Rowse has managed to put a spin on this and talk about topics in blogging that don't get as much attention. Even if you're not blogging as a part of your job, there's still a lot of useful content to help grow your platform. 

My Picks:
Is your obsession with creating new content hurting your blog?
The ultimate guide to creating evergreen content for your blog

#4 Millennial

The style of Megan's podcast is different from the others. She's more of a storyteller and I love that. Teaching and giving advice through lessons learnt can sometimes have more impact. As someone in my 20s trying to forge a career path with my own biz, I've enjoyed listening to her experiences. No matter the field you're running in, we tend to experience the same general issues, the same fear of burnout, balancing on the edge and figuring out what to do as we go along.

My Picks:
Fake it 'till you make it
Systems Check

Although a lot of these podcasts focus on businesses in the typical creative world, that's not to say the ideas and lessons from them don't apply to other areas too. As someone carving a path in tech, I've found these increasingly useful to help shape productive routines and build more effectively on my strengths.

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