Sheet Mask Sunday: Step Masks With Jayjun Cosmetics

sheet mask korean skincare jayjun cosmetics 3 step essence

This week we're talking about 2 and 3 step masks. They may look like your ordinary sheet mask but upon closer inspection, you'll see that areas of the packaging have been sectioned off. The packaging is divided up by perforated edges and labels to denote the order in which to carry out these steps. My first look at this step sensation began with Holika Holika Nose Pack. Since then, I've heard people talk about step masks down to ones which include an entire skincare routine in one.


On my first trip to P2Bus (a Korean and Japanese beauty store in London's China Town) I discovered these JayJun step masks. They have luxury packaging. Simple in design but with a nice matte finish. On the whole, both sheet masks fit my face incredibly well. They were made out of a very slim cotton (but it felt like a bio-cellulose) that was strong and a little stretchy. It fit the contours of my face and was one of few masks I was able to smooth down and remove all air bubbles and creases. I left both masks on for at least 30 minutes before they started to dry out. Each mask was visibly drenched in serum with enough left over in the packet to use again for the next two days. 

Both masks left my skin looking visibly wet. I patted in the remaining product a little and then left the rest to sink in for itself. It did leave my skin feeling slightly tacky afterwards. However, by the next morning, it felt softer, plumper and smoother in texture.

Please note: The masks I bought had no English ingredients listed. I've done my best to find out what I can on these in terms of key ingredients. If I ever find a full listing, I'll update this space.


This two piece set begins with a 0.15mg hyaluronic acid essence. It was a lot thicker than I expected and although it was light on the skin, it felt more like a serum. It was a refreshing layer to add but I didn't find it made much difference. I would have rather used some of the serum on the sheet mask to pat into my skin beforehand.

Step two was the sheet mask which contains the following key ingredients:

Niacinamide (vitamin B3, one of my favourites for giving brighter and plumper skin)
Ginseng extract (moisturising and has a rejuvenating effect)
Betaine (a humectant)
Squalene (an emollient)
Ceramides (another one for skin conditioning, great for drier and mature skins)
Adenosine (another skin conditioner)

There were many hydrating ingredients to this sheet mask which is why I think my skin loved it so much. It's definitely one if you need an epic moisture boost and would be perfect for Winter.

sheet mask korean skincare jayjun cosmetics 3 step essence


I wasn't sure what they meant by "baby pure" (perhaps really young/fresh skin?)  but I picked this because it had three steps to it.

Step 1: The blooming essence. A mix of rosewater and plant oils such as baobab and marula. It was light and much more hydrating than the previous mask's offering. It felt soothing and refreshing on the skin and was a great way to begin the process.

Step 2: The sheet mask contained ceramides and collagen as well as another skin conditioning agent, beta glucan. It also had ferment extract (although I couldn't find out what was fermented). Fermented skincare has its benefits, though.

Step 3: Finish off with the hydro eye cream. This contains peptidessodium hyaluronate (the salt of hyaluronic acid),betainejojoba oil and shea butter. Surprisingly, this was my favourite step. The amount of eye cream in the sachet lasted me over a week. It was so generous. The consistency of this is light enough to not feel heavy under the eyes for day use but also so nourishing. It sits well under makeup and I was enjoying applying this more than any other eye cream I've tried lately.

VERDICT: Both sheet masks were very effective and a massive hydrating power boost for my skin. The added steps weren't anything exciting with the exception of the beautifully formulated hydro eye cream. Each of these sets were £6.00 each from Not exactly your bargain sheet mask. These would make a great travel option though or for one off indulgent treatments. 


step sheet mask korean skincare jayjun cosmetics p2bus
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