A Moment Of Calm With New London Based Beauty & Lifestyle Brand KINN Living

KINN Living - eco lifestyle and beauty brand
Time to relax. Melting into a moment of quiet. Tuning into a comfort level for all senses. A soft, warm afternoon light non-intrusive on the eyes. This is what I hope for when I’m embracing a moment of calm amongst the rushing thoughts and tasks of everyday. It has taken me over a year to reach a headspace where I feel the tension rising and choose to step back and reboot. Rebooting could be through a deep stretching yin yoga session, meditation, reading or indulging in a beauty treat.

Being introduced to KINN Beauty*, their ethos resonated with me. Brands that align their products with your lifestyle are easy to be drawn into. I wasn’t mistaken in assuming I would love KINN. Products not only ideal for feeding your moment of calm but to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Soil Association Certified, this is an organic brand to feed the senses on texture and scent. Without synthetic chemicals and fragrance, I felt safe knowing that this wasn’t going to irritate my increasingly sensitive skin. Especially as we move into the warmer months, this range has been a soothing option for my irritated skin.

KINN Living - eco lifestyle and beauty brand bath and body oils

Scent is so important to me when it comes to the products I choose to use. The more authentic the scent, the better. I love the ylang ylang, lavender and tangerine blend that embodies all of the KINN body products. It’s calming but the tangerine gives it that uplifting essence so I don’t get sleepy vibes when I used this in the morning.

KINN’s body care range IS A CAPSULE COLLECTION of four products:

A body wash - with a coconut oil base, aloe vera and a decent lather that’s not drying on the skin.

A body lotion - my favourite with a pump for effortless use and a luxuriously light but buttery texture including shea and cacao butter alongside sunflower oil. It’s not sticky or difficult to massage into the skin. I’ve had a few “you smell nice, what is that?” comments after applying this.

KINN Living - eco lifestyle and beauty brand

A bath oil - with a concoction of oils (avocado, sunflower, grapeseed and jojoba) alongside the signature essential oil blend, you can’t go wrong with a capful of this in the bath. I’m more of a shower person so I’ve been enjoying this massaged into the skin, enveloped in the scent with the steam of the shower.

A body oil - Light and non-greasy almost like a dry oil. I have no issues with slathering this all over my skin before bed.

To go alongside their ecolifestyle brand, they offer a four product collection of cleaning products which I am so intrigued to try especially if they smell just as good. Not only am I personally quite sensitive to the heavy chemical scent of a lot of cleaning products, I’m always looking for more pet and child friendly products that actually work. Will report back on the home front so watch this space.

Grounded by the goodness of organic, ethically sourced and 100% recyclable packaging, luxury formulations and oil blends with a minimal, fresh aesthetic. A London based family run business that reminds us to look after our skin alongside our other conscious positive lifestyle choices.
KINN Living - eco lifestyle and beauty brand

Beauty Range - prices from £14.00 to £28.00

Home Range - prices from £3.50 to £5.00

*PR samples

KINN Living - eco lifestyle and beauty brand organic cruelty free vegan
Finding a moment of calm whilst indulging in this new family run London-based eco beauty and lifestyle brand - KINN Living. 
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