Trying The 7 Skin Method For Super Hydrated And Dewy Skin

7 Skin Method For Super Hydrated And Dewy Skin | Korean Beauty

I’ve developed this curiosity for Korean beauty methods when it comes to skincare. I’ll shy away from the makeup tricks such as “Jamsu” (read about this matte finish here) but something like the 3-second rule had me at hello.

The “7 Skin Method” is next on the horizon as a way of achieving hydrated, plump and dewy skin. It sounded so promising and I find it hard to turn away from something that promises “juicy skin”. The idea behind the 7 skin method is that you apply 7 layers of your essence or toner onto the skin.

Sounds excessive, right? Well, it also comes with a few prefaces:

  • You want to do this with an essence or toner that you can apply with your hands. Something that’s hydrating and doesn’t contain alcohol or acids.
  • One “splash” counts as a layer. That 5 pence coin amount should be rubbed into your palms and patted gently over the face including the neck. 
  • It would be harder to do but you can target this to certain areas of the skin where you have dry patches. I'd recommend this mainly for dry or dehydrated skin types in general.
  • Results will differ based on the product you use. I don’t think it’s fair to say this would work with all essences.

My initial thoughts surrounded a worry that this was a wasteful and unnecessary practice. It essentially means that bottle of essence on your bathroom shelf will finish 7 times as fast. I tried the process with three different essences:

  • Su-Man Rehydrating Toner Essence
  • B. Skincare Essence Lotion
  • Origins Original Skin Essence

On all occasions, the process took a good few minutes to complete. I actually enjoyed it though and that practice of tapping the skin felt calming and relaxing. It’s definitely something I need to do more of when applying my skincare in general.

7 Skin Method For Super Hydrated And Dewy Skin | Origins Original Skin Essence

The Origins Essence was the least compatible. By the fourth layer, my skin was starting to feel like there was a chalky residue on the surface. There was nothing juicy or hydrating about it. An interesting result considering I rated this highly in my Save or Splurge post but that was based on a one layer application only. This then got me thinking, when it comes to skincare, how much is too much? Clearly more than three layers of this stuff.

With the Su-Man Essence* I cried a little inside at first because this luxe offering values at £37.00 and I was using a week’s worth in one sitting. However, it felt incredibly refreshing (especially after a shower) and my skin felt so much more bouncy and hydrated. Each layer I would pat in would be soaked up by my skin in seconds and by the 7th layer I definitely understood what all the hype was about. My makeup had an awesome dewy finish afterwards too. The B. Skincare offering had a refreshing feeling after each layer and whilst my skin looked awesomely dewy and glowy it didn’t feel as good as with the Su-Man essence.

7 Skin Method For Super Hydrated And Dewy Skin | Korean Beauty


The 7 Skin Method works for my dehydrated and often dull skin. It also boosted the results I felt from the products that followed afterwards. I felt everything absorbed better but I put some of this down to the patting technique. However, the hydrating results are no better than donning a good sheet mask. Cost wise, if you shop around and find an essence that works for you for less that £20, it could end up being a better value option than a sheet mask a day. Time wise, it will increase your skincare routine by at least 2 minutes. Personally, this didn’t bother me in the evening and I’d just relax and enjoy layering my skincare.

The compromise is that once in awhile, when my skin really needs it, I’ll go for all 7 layers. For the most part though I won't be indulging in the 7 skin method. However, it has changed the way I use essences. It feels like something is lacking if I only pat in one layer so I’m now going for two as a standard and my skin loves it. Alongside this, the motion of patting in my skincare and paying attention to my neck have become practices that have upgraded my skincare routine overall.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the 7 skin method. Is this something you’ve tried or would consider?


Trying the 7 Skin Method For Super Hydrated And Dewy Skin. Another trick from the Korean beauty world that utillises the efforts of essences.
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