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I cannot stress enough the importance of self-care . Taking a moment for yourself, relaxing and deconstructing the stress and anxiety that builds up over time. This is something I've learnt the hard way but this year I've made the effort to treat myself every now and again. One of my favourite indulgences is my bi-annual trips to the Brown's Hotel Spa in London. I usually go for a Spiezia Head in Heaven Facial but last week I took on their recommendation and went for the Spiezia Mindfulness Ritual.


Basking in the candle light glow, soft ambient music playing and the scent of rosemary, lavender and sage embracing my senses. Cuddled in a fluffy bathrobe, sipping on crisp cold water, the treatment begins with a calming foot soak with bath salts helping to soothe and de-stress tired feet. This is followed by a foot scrub using Spiezia's Embrace the Day Body Scrub created with lemongrass and marigold. It's an invigorating blend where you can also smell the bergamot peel coming through. It helps to increase circulation and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and in tip top shape. 

Uplift & Energise was my mindful moment of choice. An organic oil blend of rosemary, thyme, sage and lavender to help clear my mind and give it a refreshing reboot but also relax and calm nerves. This was used for the back, shoulder and scalp massage that followed. I was a little nervous for this because the muscles in my upper back are extremely tense. The spa therapist was very understanding though and started with very light pressure.

Honestly, as she worked through some of the smaller knots in my upper back and shoulders it was painful (and this was with minimal pressure). I asked her to go a little deeper (because I have to start somewhere in ironing out these kinks) and just tried to focus on my breath and not the discomfort. It also occurred to me how incredibly skilled spa therapists are. To work their hands and fingers into all of these techniques that have the power to make you feel so different afterwards.

The rest of the massage was amazing and I could feel it lifting tension away. At the end, I was definitely feeling more relaxed but the most important thing for me was that it felt like a little weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My neck and upper back felt looser and less like I was constantly carrying a bag of bricks with me when I walked. Although it felt a little sore to touch (and the next day), it was completely worth it and a small step in the right direction.

london, spa, treatment, experience, spiezia, relax, browns hotel, massage, organic september


I realise that all of my stress and tension stores in this upper back area (which is what causes my tension headaches) and it was an amazingly noticeable feeling to have some of that wash away over the next few days. I definitely do need to indulge in this type of massage a bit more frequently to keep chipping away at it.

I ended up purchasing the Soothing Muscle Balm (with rosemary, lavender and roman chamomile) which was also used in the treatment, to continue a little self-massage at home. It feels amazing to use straight after a shower and helps post workout muscle soreness, neuralgia pains and stiff necks. It has become a bedside table essential for me.


The Spa is beautiful and I wouldn't expect any less. A treatment room decked out with candles, a dressing area with a shower and an offering of tea or other beverages on arrival and once your treatment is complete. The atmosphere is truly calming and the staff are always so friendly and accommodating. For me, the best part of the service is the patience they have. They don't rush you to get dressed again afterwards. Being able to take it slow and ease back into "reality" makes such a difference. It means I can step back out onto those busy London streets with a lighter step and a clearer mind.

Brown's Spa do a variety of other treatments which you can browse here. I purchased the Spiezia Mindfulness Ritual (50 minutes). 

What are your favourite spa treatments? What helps you de-stress and relax at home?

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