Full Coverage Makeup With Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better makeup brushes

Recently, I decided to swap out my usual sponges for these soft and stylish Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes*. They have allowed me to create some long lasting, full coverage makeup looks with their abilities to blend and distribute product well over the skin. A lot of the time I stick to damp sponges and my fingers because the bristles of makeup brushes on my skin can be an irritant. However, that was not the case with these three. They are branded as “soft touch for sensitive skin, professional quality and cruelty free”.

Look Good Feel Better are a charity that provides support for women and teens struggling with the visible side effects of cancer treatments. They to do this in the form of free skincare and makeup workshops with the main goal of helping ladies regain their confidence. You may have seen Look Good Feel Better branded makeup brushes on sale before. Buying one of these doesn’t just equip you with a great quality tool (in my opinion) but 8-12% of the wholesale price per sale goes towards the charity. On first glance, this didn’t sound like a lot to me but they have guaranteed that a minimum of £30,000 a year will be donated from the sale of these makeup brushes. You can then factor in all the other fundraising activities that people create. I think it’s great to have a charity that focuses so much on helping, teaching and supporting people who are going through cancer treatments in a very practical  and real way. Doing something that may seem so small but may make a huge difference in that moment to someone and allow them to feel better about themselves. (I mean, the name speaks for itself).

Below, I share my thoughts on these makeup brushes and would say that if you’re in the market for some new, affordable brushes (or looking for a gift for a makeup lover) then these are definitely worth picking up. 


Look Good Feel Better makeup brushes

I’m quite picky when it comes to tools for applying foundation. Especially these short, flat foundation brushes. Usually, when it feels like I’m painting on my base it becomes this thick layered mask on my skin that just sits there, un-blended and unflattering. However, I found I was able to blend my foundation of choice (Burberry’s Fresh Glow) in quite nicely and not have it cake around my nose or under the eyes.

I’ve often thought a flat brush couldn’t do as good a job as a stippling for applying a flawless base. However, the tapering and density of this makes it possible to create effortlessly smooth coverage. You can also layer up foundation in areas you want more coverage with ease. Without the use of a damp sponge, it does take away some of the dewy finish I love so much but that’s easily fixed with a facial spritz.


The blending starts here! This rather dense and tapered brush is perfect for blending out liquid or creamy products whether that be a cream bronzer or contour. Personally, I love this for the seamless blending out of my foundation and for applying concealer. It does a great job at avoiding caking (especially when concealer is applied around the nose) and doesn’t hold on to the product. Thankfully, these are soft enough to blend around my eye area and not irritate or make my skin itch.

Look Good Feel Better makeup brushes


Look Good Feel Better makeup brushes

This is actually my favourite brush! You’d think as a dewy, glowy skin lover (not opposed to the wet skin look) I’d be staying well away from such a brush but this one works wonders. Yes, it’s a dense brush but the brush hairs aren’t packed together tightly. Instead they are longer and tapered outwards to create a fluffiness and this beautiful shape that’s perfect for applying powder highlight.

My favourite step in my makeup routine has become using this to apply my Burberry highlighter. It makes it hard to go in heavy handed as the brush only allows product to be lightly dusted onto the skin. This would be great if you’re looking to set foundation with powder on top or want an all round bronzed glow that goes down the neck too.

Needless to say, although I love my makeup sponges, I’m falling for brushes again and can see myself needing a bigger brush pot on my dressing table soon.

*All PR samples. Full disclaimer linked in footer


Full Coverage Makeup Routine With Look Good Feel Better Makeup Brushes | 8-12% of wholesale proceeds go towards the LGFB charity that helps women and teens going through cancer treatment by hosting free skincare and makeup workshops to help boost confidence.
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