A Monster's Ball


After a week of reformatting and editing blog posts that go back as far as 2011, it feels strange to be writing something new. Fresh words on a Squarespace editor that still feels a bit alien. I thought I'd go for something relaxed to ease my way back into blogging. And what could be classed as more of a relaxing gesture that sharing my latest bath obsession?

I suppose the sheer fact that I've put the words "bath" and "obsession" in the same sentence is spooky enough. I'm a shower gal through and through but I couldn't pass up the chance to try Lush's Halloween bath bomb offerings. This is Monster's Ball. The bath bomb itself looks like a unicorn-ified version of Sully from Monster's Inc in full form. 

As it skates around the bath tub, a trail of pinks and baby blues swirl into pretty patterns. Of all the bath bombs I've tried, this has been the most exciting. A bright, almost pastel and unicorn land styled rainbow is created. In the end, once it has fully settled (it takes a good 5-6 minutes), you are left with a blanket of deep purple water.

Lime and neroli are the key scents which I don't find overpowering. You could pair this with a bubble bar for added scent factor. I was also very grateful that this left no weird residue around the side of my bath tub. This is definitely one of their more expensive bath bombs but it is huge, incredibly pretty and limited edition. 

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