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Celebrating Diversity In Beauty With Melariche

Melariche (pronounced "mel-uhh-reesh") is a new online beauty retailer sparking change in the beauty industry. Founded by Jacqueline Taiwo, her aim was to create a space that curates an edit of beauty brands that cater for darker skins. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline and can vouch for how passionate she is about making a change.

In 2016, the fact that those of us with darker skin tones are still considered a "niche", not catered for by mass brands, is ridiculous. However, Melariche has set out to make a difference because nobody should have to wait for mainstream brands to catch up before wearing a foundation that matches their skin tone. 

I was kindly sent a beautiful box of products from brands that they stock as I'm taking part in their #MyMelaricheStory campaign (more on that very soon). It's been exciting to get stuck in and try products from brands that are new to me. My current favourite is the beautifully light PHB Skin Brighten Gel*. Packed with neroli, liquorice and immorelle oil, it's soothing, nourishing and will hopefully help some of my hyperpigmentation. They also have a Skin Perfect Gel with aloe and rose which sounds so soothing and comforting for the skin.

I love handcrafted skincare and this exotic sounding Kalahari Melon & Marula Facial Oilfrom Ziyanda is beautiful. It's very light-weight and has more of a dry oil finish so there's no greasiness left behind. I really want to just sit and write about the beautiful, luxurious and high-quality ingredients that they use in their skincare. Botanicals, fair trade butters and ethically sourced oils. I enjoy patting this onto my skin at night for a radiant finish.

Melariche PHB Ethical Beauty Skin Brighten Gel

I'm always on the hunt for lip balms because I keep one just about everywhere; on my desk, bedside table, bag. Akoma is another all natural brand that produce a range of black soaps and lip balms infused with different effective ingredients. These vegan lip balm pots* are so cute. I do find that with the colder weather I have to warm up the balm first but they do provide a nice nourishing finish. Surprisingly I didn't mind the scent of the vanilla one but I think that's because it's a more natural vanilla pod scent as opposed to sickly sweet. Scrolling through the other products in the Akoma range, I'm quite intrigued by the Face Mask Powders. Overall, an affordable pick for anyone who wants to introduce natural products to their routine.

Melariche Beauty For Darker Skin Tones Zao Organic Makeup


Despite being a skincare addict, I do love to play with a little colour cosmetics from time to time. ZAO is an organic makeup brand that I've come across before. They do blush, eye shadows, pencils and lipsticks. They have some beautiful muted lip shades that would be flattering on darker skin tones. I've been loving the Multipurpose Pencil in Plum* to experiment with a wearable purple lip. It also wears well as an eyeliner for a simple feline flick. Melariche has kindly offered readers of this blog a discount when you shop with them. 

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Melariche provides a rich selection of skincare brands that take their ingredients and ethical sourcing seriously. I'd highly recommend checking out these ranges. On the makeup front, they've covered a range of formulations and finishes in foundations with a refreshingly wonderful selection of darker shades to suit different undertones. 


New Online Retailer Melariche

*This is NOT a sponsored post. Products are PR samples. All opinions are my own.

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