It's Okay To Not Be Okay, I Promise

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In an attempt to twist some old school My Chemical Romance lyrics, I've stumbled upon an important topic. 90% of the time I'm striving to be a better person. The better version of myself, the happier me, the healthier me. That other 10% is where things get tough and I feel not okay. We are forever filling our lives with stimuli, inspirations and situations in an attempt to nourish our minds, bodies and souls. This constant flow of variables can feel overwhelming but that's okay.

I mention often the concept of acceptance. Personally, I've found acceptance to be a key stepping stone to move forward, to realise potential and not hold on to negative feelings too long. We're all running that hamster wheel. You don't have to keep up with someone else's pace. You are allowed to stop and take a break. It's okay to fall off or trip or stumble. The important part is where you accept, get back up and keep going.

Never give up.

The difference between the me now and years ago is that I outwardly accept my darker moments. I seek support, I seek comfort and don't dwell and fester in my own shadows. I allow myself time to be sad, angry, hurt or annoyed. I will vent, I will curl up in a ball for hours, I'll pray and read Quran or tweet my feelings to the world. For years, I had been such a private person in these moments and it was crippling.

You can't offload your own problems on yourself.

I understand the fear of sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. The fear of not being understood, being branded an attention seeker or worse yet being told to "get over it". I still have these fears but I also have more people who will care what I have to say, offer support and advice.

So, when I say that it's okay to not be okay. I mean it.

The sooner we release ourselves from the burdens of bottled up feelings and anxieties, the sooner we can embrace those who are there for us. In a time where modern medicine and technology are advancing, the fact that mental health is still such a taboo subject is ridiculous. Whilst educating others on mental health is important, I also think that sharing raw feelings could help us find our support groups. Whether that be friends, family or someone on Twitter.

I suppose it goes without saying then, that I'm here for you too.

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