A Modern Twist On The 90’s Brown Lipstick Trend

A Modern Twist On The 90’s Brown Lip With Gerard Cosmetics

A large percentage of beauty trends aren’t new born but rather comebacks, occasionally with a fresh twist. This could be said about the rise in brown lipsticks becoming makeup bag staples again. Between the rich, chocolaty shades to comfortable warm, earthy hues there’s a shade of brown for everyone.

At first, I was convinced that my skin tone wouldn’t allow me to pull off a brown lip. But then I also said that 6 years ago before I started wearing red lipstick. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to go all out with two brown matte liquid lipsticks. I wanted to experiment with this seemingly flawless finish that a matte lip can give that puts a modern twist on the 90’s brown lip glaze. (Side note: a frosted dark brown lipstick would be pretty for the season).


A Modern Twist On The 90’s Brown Lip With Gerard Cosmetics

I turned to Gerard Cosmetics, provider of a plethora of affordable  matte liquid lipsticks, for this trend trial. The formula of these is surprisingly light. It’s not gloopy or the kind of liquid lipstick that applies in a thick “cake frosting” way. I used too little product at first and discovered that these layer well when another application is applied to a not fully dried layer.

The doe foot application doesn’t collect too much product at once and actually allows for some decently accurate precision application. All of these photos were of me applying the liquid lipsticks straight onto bare lips (I’d applied lip balm an hour prior). I didn’t use a lip pencil first or to neaten at the end. I wanted to see how far I could get with the product alone. I’d definitely suggest for longer wear and a more flawless finish use a liner first though.

I can get quite dry lips (especially on the corners). Not to the extent of them peeling but they will feel tight and coarse. These lipsticks didn’t dry out my lips at all. I did find that after 4 hours the lines on my lips were becoming more prominent though. If I’d used a substantial layer of product to begin with and fill in my lips with a liner beforehand this could have been avoided.

After 6 hours, these still looked pretty good on my lips. The colour doesn’t bleed and fade in a ring. Even after eating lunch and copious amounts of tea, there was no smudging. I was surprised by how little transfer there was too.


gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick bossy lady
gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick bossy lady

First up is Boss Lady which, I’ll admit, I was drawn to at first because of the name. It’s that rich, indulgent, deep brown I was talking about. Dark chocolate with a side of burgundy plum is how I would describe this. Not an everyday choice for me (it’s a little vampy) but one for occasions and it pairs well with this high neck jumper I recently picked up from ASOS.


gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick 1995
gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick 1995

Although I was more interested in Polly Pockets and Sesame Street back in 1995, this is a toast to the 90’s. A very wearable brown with nude lip tendencies and a hint of feminine softness. This is definitely top of my list for Winter’s makeup picks. Unlike Boss Lady, I don’t feel the need to have a perfect, high coverage base to wear this shade. Although it’s just as matte, it suits a fresh skin look and doesn’t come across strong  nor washed out against my skin tone. With matte lipsticks, I tend to see an array of beautiful but very bold, vibrant colours so it was nice to discover something that felt safe and suitable for a work day.

Available at BeautyBay £11.50


A modern twist on the 90's brown lip trend trend with these matte liquid lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics. Swatches included.
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