A Few Notes On Spring Cleaning

notes on spring cleaning tidy desk
Tiny bird melodies twisting through the trees, a warm breeze arrives through the window. Sleeves rolled up, skincare products scattered across the bed and a growing mountain of recyclable materials at the door. This is Spring cleaning to me. I like my space and my home to be tidy and clutter free. Every day, I’ll tidy away things here and there but the real detox comes with the Spring clean.

I use the term "Spring clean" loosely. For me, it's something I do in the week leading up to Ramadan. Starting with a clean slate so more focus is on the spiritual and mental aspects of the month. In Day 1 of my #7daysofslow guide (you can get this here) I talk about decluttering and how it can help clear your mind. I wanted to share some of my favourite tips and Spring cleaning ways in this post.

I like to take a direct approach when it comes to getting rid of clutter. For me, clutter forms from one of the following:

a) Storage issues or forgetting to put things back until you form mole hill styled piles. (This happens to me with books).

b) Simply too much stuff.

kinn living spring cleaning organic clean living

H&M Home, IKEA, Muji and decorated shoe boxes can help with the storage issues. The latter takes a little more work. When I need to downsize what I own I follow this order:

- Unused/unopened items that I've had for long enough

- Read books that I won't re-read

- Products I don't like/don't work for me

- Clothes that don't fit/not my style/like it but rarely wear

- Random faff I've accumulated with no sentimental value

I'll then do one of the following with what was collected above:

- Give to charity

- Give to family/friends

- Re-gift if unopened or put in a giveaway

- Recycle

The mammoth task of Spring cleaning (alongside daily chores) has become a little more enjoyable using these plant-based cleaning products from KINN Living*. This collection of four is beautifully scented, organic and non-toxic. I’m quite sensitive when it comes to standard cleaning product smells so having these to use around the house left the scent of lavender and rosemary drifting through the air. The Washing Up Liquid gave off “bath time vibes” even though I was carrying out one of my least favourite house chores. (Side note: vacuuming the house is my favourite).

kinn living plant based organic 
kinn living home plant based organic
Is it strange to have a favourite cleaning product? Either way, the Kitchen Cleaner is mine. I use it on my desk and dressing table and it removes dust, tea stains and makeup smudges with ease. My cats like to lie on my desk (and sometimes lick it) so having something safe to clean with is so important. Although it has encouraged them to lick the furniture more - they are oddly as lavender obsessed as me!
Finishing touches require a pop of colour from a natural source. I love having fresh flowers. At the moment it’s these colourful roses. I’m still contemplating which cat safe houseplants to get so if you have any suggestions, please do let me know.
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*PR samples // This post contains an affiliate link for the flowers.

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