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PLUMKO Personalised Korean Skincare Routine

The merging of beauty and technology is an exciting notion. It appears more readily available from a brand perspective but solely for consumers, not so much. When Sharon, CEO of Plumko, got in touch about her new service I knew I was going to want to dedicate an entire post to it. Plumko is an online application that gives you a personalised Korean skincare routine based on your answers to a series of questions. You can then purchase the entire 10-step routine at a discounted price with free international shipping. Personally, I think it's a great introduction to the world of Korean beauty. 


The name Plumko is cute and catchy. I asked Sharon what it meant - "the word “plum” also means “ideal, fitting, desirable, etc.”, which is exactly what we’re trying to do for our customers.  And “ko” is short for “Korea”!

It's incredibly simple to use. You answer the 7 questions by selecting one or more of the options available. It takes less than a minute to do. Plumko's product selection engine then picks products from their database that are best suited to your skin's profile. You can then view all of the products that would make up your 10-step routine as well as read further information about them and their full ingredients listings.

PLUMKO Personalised Korean Skincare Routine

Every 10-step Korean skincare routine created on Plumko can be purchased for $199 (approximately £156). Honestly, that's a lot of money. A lot of money to drop in one go on skincare. Truthfully, it won't be for everyone but to anyone invested in Korean beauty or its discovery, it calculates to be quite the bargain. Each product works out to be approximately £15.60 with each sheet mask (you receive 10) coming in at £1.56. Then there's the free shipping which is hard to come by when trying to get K-beauty in the UK.

Even if you're not interested in dropping cash on new skincare,Plumko can introduce you to new Korean brands and products. Each product added to their database has been carefully selected based on information from reviews, blogs, forums and product information. They even look at the ingredients to ensure only the best is being selected for your skincare routine recommendation. To anyone familiar with a plethora of K-beauty brands, you will have heard of every brand they offer. Although they are working on adding lesser known brands to the mix, they won't recommend any product that hasn't been well researched by their knowledgeable team.


PLUMKO Personalised Korean 10 Step Skincare Routine

I thought I'd share my results from using Plumko. But first, a word on 10-step routines. Despite their popularity in Korean beauty and the applause they receive for being effective, they won't be for everyone. Even I, skincare lover to the end, would find it hard to keep up with one. That being said, if someone had laid out a routine in order for me, I wouldn't deny giving it a go. Plumko have laid out the steps beautifully here. You could mimic the process with products you currently have. Or, if you did purchase all 10, switch them in and out and use them as you please. As always, you do you. 

My Routine (I've included UK prices where I could find them):
Your custom Korean skin care kit includes full-size products of:
1) Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Cream Purity (£19.71 / Yesstyle)
2) Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea (£11.90 / Yesstyle)
3) Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Calendula (£16.08 / eBay)
4) Mizon Water Volume EX First Essence (£10.64 / eBay)
5) Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule (£27 / Yesstyle)
6) Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream (£13.41 / Yesstyle)
7) Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream (£16.11 / Yesstyle)
8) Innisfree The Minimum Sun Cream (£9.81 / Yesstyle)
9) Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine (£22.42 / eBay)
10) TonyMoly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet Clear Skin (£26.10 for 10 masks / Yesstyle)
Total price individually purchased = £173.18
Approximate savings (with PRETTY10 referral code*) = £20.32 (plus no shipping costs)

I love seeing that there are many NEOGEN products in there, especially my favourite Wine Exfoliating Pads. The Mizon Essence sounds like my cup of tea too and I've heard great things about Missha's Night Repair Ampoule rivalling Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. 


Interestingly, between 30-60 days after receiving your order, you can arrange to return any products that haven't worked for you, left you with a bad reaction or otherwise. Although it is up to you to pay for the return, it's unheard of (due to UK policies) to return beauty products after they've been opened). The way they explain their reasoning for this policy pays homage to the belief that they genuinely want to encourage people to embrace the benefits of a Korean skincare routine. 

Regardless of your stance regarding 10-step routines, Plumko is one to keep an eye on. They are constantly building on their database and looking to improve the questionnaire to provide an even better tailor-made service. It gives me hope for the future of beauty and technology and the large scope of what can be achieved.

I'd highly recommend giving Plumko a try. Even if it's just out of curiosity to see which K Beauty products suit your skin type and concerns best. And if you do decide to go all in, Plumko have kindly provided you all with the discount referral code

PRETTY10 for $10 off your order*.

*If you decide to use this referral code, I will receive $10 in commission. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. I'm a skincare junkie and K-beauty addict so that should come as no surprise. None of the links to Plumko are affiliate links. 


PLUMKO Personalised Korean Skincare Routine
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