Discovering Powder Masks With Akoma

Discovering Powder Masks With Akoma

Powder based masks have intrigued me for years. I hadn’t seen many of them on the market until recently. I was never a fan of powder based cleansers because for daily use, it can be quite the faff. However, as a weekly treatment, the ritual itself can be quite therapeutic. I have been enjoying that process of scooping out a spoon of powder, mixing it with water and painting it onto my skin with a brush.


A very simple yet effective mask containing two ingredients: french green clay and Ghanaian cocoa powder. It smells like pure raw chocolate so not sweet but rather warm and earthy. This is a perfect Winter pamper treat because in the warmth of a bathroom, it starts to smell like cocoa.

With a 1:2 ratio of powder to water, mix it together in a little bowl and apply, leaving on for 10 minutes.


This clay provides the benefit of deep cleansing and detoxifying the skin with it’s unique composition of magnesium, zinc among other minerals. Reading about this clay was interesting. It has an ionic charge which means that it attracts the molecules of toxins. So, when used in the form of a mask, it pulls all of the dirt and toxins from the skin to itself and you can wash it away.

It’s also a good natural exfoliant and perfect for oilier and acne prone skin types as it’s very absorbent. When made into a paste, this mask can be used as a great targeted treatment for breakouts. I hadn’t noticed this mask drying out my combination/dehydrated skin but if you have very dry skin, go easy.

It is recommended that green clay is mixed with filtered water or hydrosols using glass or wooden instruments due to the iconic charge. Metal spoons are a big no-no. If the charge is disrupted it lessens the efficacy of the clay.

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This is an antioxidant rich ingredient that when applied topically can help protect from free radical damage (in turn protecting the skin from environmental aging) as well as a multitiude of other benefits:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Improving complexion
  • Hydration
  • Aids in scar healing (due to Vitamin C, Omega 6s and magnesium present)

The Akoma Mask doesn’t leave my face feeling tight as it dries. It washes off easily with warm water (you could use a hot cloth) and always leaves my skin looking glowy and radiant. I love this mask as more of a complexion booster than anything else but it’s good to know that the green clay is working its magic behind the scenes.

Available from Melariche - £4.39 (55g) - absolute bargain


Discovering the pampering luxury of powder based masks with  Akoma's  Cleansing Mask. This contains French green clay and Ghanaian cocoa powder for a glowing complexion.
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