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Hello old friends,

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? Over the last few months, my blogging has waned until it became just a single blog post for June. I’ve had a notebook full of inspirations and products I’ve wanted to share with you all, just not the time to sit and pen this letter. Where have I been? I’ve been focused. Entirely focused on launching my business venture, Pretty Analytics. I’ve summed up the story over on this Instagram post if you’re curious. Either way, I’m feeling refreshed and inspired to get back into blogging. More content, the newsletter and hopefully a little shop will be launching on here soon. For now though, here are a few Summer favourites.


I’m in love with the REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium range. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased from this brand and they don’t disappoint. The scent is soothing and calming. After a shower, the body cream is a joy to use and I find that their suggestion of application with upward strokes towards the heart quite therapeutic. It’s thick but spreads easily onto the skin. On my very dry skin days though, it’s not enough to use this on its own.

This is the most expensive hand wash and hand lotion I’ve ever owned. So I’ve made sure everyone knows that it’s not to be wasted. The hand wash has an interesting creamy lather which is more moisturising than your average wash (especially with the hard Thames water that we get here). I’ve put the hand lotion downstairs to look pretty on the shelf and so that on my way out the house I can massage some into my hands and arms. A little habit that helps with the building anxiety I get when I need to go outside.

ren atlantic kelp magnesium
ren atlantic kelp magnesium


Would you believe that until a month ago I hadn’t ever eaten grapefruit? Well, now I’m slightly obsessed (when I get a good one that’s not too sharp in flavour). The refreshing taste, the deep pink colour and how aesthetically pleasing it looks when you cut it open. Yes, I do get joy from that. Yes To Grapefruit’s Shower Gel has also been a refreshing favourite. Alongside fruit, I want to venture out into some more interesting teas. Perhaps some loose blends and a pretty transparent teapot. Will be browsing Jing Tea and this range, for sure.


My current read has left me even more inspired to learn about all things botanical and amazed at how wondrous trees are. I’ve not yet read half of The Hidden Life of Trees and Wohlleben has packed each chapter with so much curiosity and intriguing knowledge. The communities and ecosystems that trees create for themselves and the relationships they form are incredible. Highly recommend this read.

hidden life of trees peter wohlleben summer reading
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