6 Things I Loved In September

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September has been quite the productive month. So much was packed into every day, week and weekend. In all honesty, I feel exhausted entering October. Exhausted in the best way, though. In the way that you feel after a good workout. My days have been a mixed affair of working, blogging and "extra-curricular" projects. I was able to pick up my long lost hobby of nature photography again and keep working on cinemagraphs. The difference between September and the last few? I didn't let my fears and anxieties hold me back. I just went for it. And that feeling is one I haven't felt in a long time.


I've hinted at this all over my Insta Story. I decided to take action and revamp my entire garden. I live in my childhood home and for as long as I can remember, our garden has been a bit of a jungle. There was much unused and unenjoyed space (except to the cats and foxes). I wanted it to be a place we could enjoy together, have friends over and get stuck in with some veggie and fruit growing. 

So far, the jungle has been cleared. There's been a 23+year old shed demolition and a lot of digging. I've enjoyed getting stuck in. Sawing wood, shovelling soil and chucking stuff into the skip. I love clearouts and fresh starts! There's still a lot to do but I've been scheming and I can picture a finished result. As serendipity would have it, part of the old shed remained intact and there's now a cute little wooden shelter at the end of the garden. I knew there was a reason I watched so much Groundforce as a kid.


It sounds as if I've had a real "Autumn clean" instead of a Spring one. I spent an entire morning clearing out old stuff, unused stuff and revamping my wardrobe. I wear the same things all the time so anything that hadn't been worn in over a year (without good reason) was off to charity or eBay (see what's left here). My wardrobe is a little sparse now so I'm looking forward to adding in a new jumper or two that's not Primark circa 2010.


Between pressed flowers, dried petals and collecting fallen leaves, I've been a happy outdoor bunny. If you check out my Instagram, you'll see an abundance of flora love. Dried petals also make for great photo props and pretty decorations once collected in a glass jar. I was able to enjoy a day of nature photography when I visited Kensington Gardens. I could sit and read in there all day.


The bullet journal has been warming at the back of my mind for months. I wasn't ready to put in the work or commitment though so I started something basic. I took a notebook, sectioned off each day and wrote my to-do lists. I'd then migrate over anything undone into the next day and add to it. Consider this bullet journal training wheels. I can't deny that this had something to do my higher levels of focus and productivity this month. Being able to see at a glance what was going on, plan ahead and track progress makes such a difference. (I actually mentioned this idea with post-it notes in August's round up).

I've decided to go all in for October. I'm starting a legit bullet journal. I bought a dotted notebook, been planning my collections and taking inspo from my growing Bullet Journaling Pinterest Board. This isn't the last you've heard of the BuJo on this blog. 


Between my established sheet mask stash and the huge selection that arrived with the Sheet Mask Squad's August Box, I've been able to try out 1-2 a week. I started the Sheet Mask Sunday weekly series reviewing them all too. I've even created a dedicated sheet mask box on the shelf to house them. (Sneak peek: Sunday's episode is all about foil masks! Cybermen at the ready.).


This month I've felt physically strong. I can definitely see the difference too. I noticed it during the garden clear out. All the lifting and using tools for hours, I definitely felt able. It has had a positive mental effect. Having that strength and not feeling like I couldn't contribute to physical tasks, not feeling too weak to do what I wanted has meant a lot to me. Strength training is definitely paying off now which is a massive fitness motivation. The #FallChallenge has definitely helped. I'm eyeing up some heavy kettlebells now. (I know, I need to work on my abs too...).

September's takeaway note is to "go for gold". Don't hold yourself back. Believing that you have the power, the ability and the brains to do something (even in the smallest amount) will take you far. 
Courage quote Mary Anne Radmacher
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