Sheet Mask Squad August Box

Sheet Mask Squad August Box

It has been years since the world of beauty subscription boxes has taken my fancy. Upon hearing about Sheet Mask Squad, I was signed up in seconds to what will be the fuel to energise my Korean beauty and sheet mask obsession. There is currently a box full of sheet masks living on the desk next to me (my sheet mask library) and this incredible subscription box will help me keep it topped up. I can't wait to share my thoughts with you on this and what was in August's edition.

EDIT: Sheet Mask Squad are currently on hiatus and are not accepting any new orders or subscriptions. You can check out their website for a full explanation but I hope that they do come back as they provide such an amazing selection of masks.
Sheet Mask Squad August Box

Sheet Mask Squad is a monthly subscription box where you are sent between 10-12 sheet masks a month. These range from cotton, bio-cellulose, foaming and 3 step masks with a range of interesting key ingredients over a variety of brands. I loved that in this August box there were brands I hadn't heard of before.

You can purchase either a monthly (£24.99) or quarterly (£69.99) plan.
To get the current month's box you just need to be signed up by the 20th of that month.

If you're not ready to make the commitment you can still fulfill your sheet mask-loving dreams. They offer limited edition boxes that you can purchase as a one-off or individually purchase the sheet masks offered in previous boxes on their website.


Sheet Mask Squad August Box korean skincare

In a trendy little box the size of a large letter housed August's box. Wrapped inside pink tissue paper, were a carefully curated edit of 10 sheet masks from 10 different brands. It also came with an information card which caught my eye due to the beautiful print on the card. I love the care put into little details like this. The contents were as follows:

Make P:Rem Wrapping Me Sauna Mask - Excited to try this foil based mask. I got the moisture version but there's also a firming and whitening one
Raw Rose Flower Sheet Mask which apparently has real rose petals. A soothing and hydrating pick.
Dr Iaso Peeling & Fillng Mask - containing AHAs & BHAs
Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Mask - I've used one of these before, great after a long day in the sun.
Annie's Way Blue Mask - this one is for hydration from a series to tackle different skin concerns and contains cactus extract
Dearpacker Ampoule Mask Brightening Vita Duo -  A fibre sheet mask with vitamins & amino acids.
A'Pieu My Skin-Fit Baobab Mask - Used this already and it was amazing, review coming next weekend.
Malie Green Tea Essence Mask -  This is meant to be ultra hydrating and soothing.
Nature Factory Pucca Donkey Milk Mask - So excited for this one as donkey milk is an up and coming ingredient for being incredibly moisturising. It also has super cute packaging (shown above).
Cellpium Vampire Cleansing Mask - This looks like a carbonated bubble mask /cleanser which should be fun
Make Remake Cloud All in one Cleanser - My quick research says that this is a cleanser that has a cottage cheese consistency and contains wheat, rye and lentil seed extract. Interesting.
Innisfree Green Barley Peeling Pad - I love chemical exfoliating pads so I'm looking forward to trying this one
Sheet Mask Squad August Box


Usually, I ignore reward programs because the require you to climb a mountain and swim oceans to get points for £1.00 off but the Sheet Mask Squad's reward system is pretty awesome. You get points for ordering from their website but also for sharing their shop link on social media, following their social pages and on your birthday. These points can then be converted into coupons or percentages off orders.


I was able to roughly work out that 6 of the sheet masks included were valued at ~£25.00 which is the price of this box. Assuming that the other 4, which I couldn't find to buy anywhere, were around the £4-6 mark, that makes for a pretty sweet saving.

However, the most important part for me was that there are so many new brands I now have the opportunity to try as well as a few key Korean skincare concepts that have been on my wishlist. The foil mask and the sheet mask with key ingredient donkey milk are top of my list. I'm also creating quite the side collection of step masks. I love the idea of applying treatments in these ordered steps and ending with a super hydrating and soothing sheet mask.

I had a little issue with my August box not arriving but Sheet Mask Squad's customer service were amazing. They even replied to my email on the weekend which I didn't expect and I received a new box a couple days later. 

A weekly series may emerge on this blog to review each of the sheet masks I try. You know I love to talk about ingredients in depth so I hope you're looking forward to weekly snippets of Korean skincare ramblings.

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Sheet Mask Squad August Box korean skincare

Are you a sheet mask lover? 

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