3 Sheet Mask Upgrades: Tried & Tested

Sheet masks. Skincare that just keeps on evolving and gaining global popularity. I’ve talked about them a lot on this blog over the years. The standard cotton and hydrogel masks soaked in hydrating essences. This year, there are some newer, innovative additions on the scene. I’ve given them a fair go and here’s my report.


charlotte tilbury dry sheet mask

In the UK, we’re only just getting used to being able to easily purchase sheet masks on the highstreet and now we’re being introduced to dry masks. A more luxury purchase, these masks are infused with potent ingredients that are activated upon contact with the skin. I tried the Charlotte Tilbury mask. It comes in a gold resealable packet. You stretch it across your face and hook it over your ears to hold it in place. Smoothing it down, begin massaging it into the skin to activate the ingredients.

Now here’s the thing about a dry mask, without the hooking to the ears, it’s going to struggle to stay on your face. However, it’s definitely the easiest thing to apply as there’s no gloopy mess to unfold or essence dripping onto your keyboard. If you’re someone that doesn’t mind whipping out a sheet mask on a long haul flight, this is your best bet. Completely mess free. The real magic of a dry mask is that the active ingredients are more concentrated without the inclusion of water in their formulation - making for a more effective treatment.

However, I do enjoy the cooling sensation of those enriched hydrogel masks and the fabric of this mask made my skin itch a little - especially around my ears where I had to hook it up. Not the most comfortable. My skin felt softer and smoother after 15 minutes with this on but it didn’t have that plumped glowy look I usually have after using a sheet mask.

Although this is reusable, for £18, I’d rather by 5-6 other one off sheet masks to perk my skin up once a fortnight. Unfortunately, I could get the same results that this mask gave me with a layer of Deciem’s Natural Moisturising Factors.


starskin beauty mud sheet mask silkmud
starskin beauty silkmud mask

Another one of Starskin Beauty’s new additions. A sheet mask with a “mud mask” formulation. I was worried this was going to be really messy despite their mess free claims. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this is to apply and smooth onto the skin. I love many of their other masks and this was no exception to their high standards. It uses their own innovative formulation called SilkMud. A blend of Kaolin clay and silk is saturated into their super thin gauze masks. It also contains niacinamide, pink french clay and bentonite to nourish the skin whilst deep cleansing.

My skin looked and felt pretty awesome after using this. Plumped, radiant, fresh. I used it before an evening out and it created a brilliant canvas of skin to apply makeup too. With this mask you do need to wash it off after removing the sheet as opposed to patting in the remaining product.. They also have a green tea clay version. Definitely saying yes to a future with sheet mud masks in abundance.


neogen liftmask knit mask
neogen liftmask knit mask

Talk about luxury sheet masking. The NEOGEN Liftmax Knit Mask* feels like you’re smoothing a delicate, soft jumper onto your skin that’s drenched in an enriching essence. This mask is huge and is meant to cover your neck too which I appreciated. It’s so easy to forget your neck in your skincare routine.

Drenched in a whopping 60ml of Pink Cactus essence, this provides incredible nourishment and radiance to the skin with extra essence left over in the sachet. Cactus based skincare is supposed to be packed with antioxidants. This is a definite winner if you need a treatment to lift, hydrate and plump up skin before a big event or night out. Lucky for us, this is now available in the UK at Selfridges.

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