Skincare For Minimalists | The Ultimate Guide

Skincare For Minimalists The Ultimate Guide

The focus of the minimalist approach is on the quality, not quantity. When it comes to developing a skincare routine, finding out what works for your skin type is a prerequisite for taking care of your skin properly. The aim is to minimise the number of products that you use in favour of those that are most efficient and show the best results. 

Developing a Routine

developing a minimal skincare routine

Depending on the type of your skin, you should develop a routine that you’ll follow regularly and consistently. You can outline which products you’ll use in the morning, and which ones in the evening. If you have dry skin, you should consider moisturising it several times a day, but, once again, this depends on your individual characteristics, so find out how much and how often you need to moisturise your skin. 

In the morning, you should simply wash your face with warm water and without any special treatment, since your skin is already clean. Having washed your face, you can apply a moisturizer, or a sun cream to protect your skin during summer.

When it comes to the evening procedure, make sure to properly cleanse your face, apply any special treatment, if needed, and moisturise it. Your skincare routine can include skin exfoliation or application of a face mask, but you should do this once a week – remember, less is more!

Choosing the Products

There’s no point in using numerous products to make your skin look fresh and feel smooth. On the contrary, your skin will become irritated from all those products containing different ingredients. Instead, you have to find what works for your skin and incorporate it into your routine. It’s better to have two or three products of high quality, than fifteen cheap ones that will eventually irritate your skin.

minimalist skincare choosing the products
minimalist skincare choosing the products

The minimalist approach to skin care advocates the use of natural products, however, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your options and throw away the products that have been good for your skin, only because they aren’t organic. The brands that have proven to be the most efficient in your case should still have a place on your shelf. The motto here is “If it works for you it’s perfect”. If you still haven’t discovered which products or brands are the most suitable for your skin, you can follow in my footsteps and try out Skinstitut skincare products – I’ve been using the Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser for a while now, and it has shown excellent results.

Your list of products should consist of several items – a cleanser and a moisturizer are a must, but you can also find cleansers based on face milk, or cream that will both cleanse and moisturise your skin. In addition, you can also opt for retinol, an anti-aging solution against early signs of wrinkles. Vitamins A, C and E are your top priority when focusing on the ingredients of a products. You can also include some additional products for the treatment of any skin issues, but make sure not to use too many, since we’re going for the minimalist approach. 

Natural Combinations

natural combinations organic ingredients coffee exfoliation

You can always try out different mixtures of natural ingredients, and use them in combination with other products. There is a range of numerous face masks that you can make on your own – for example, you can make a face mask out of coffee and a few more ingredients. A coffee-based mask is perfect for exfoliation and deep cleansing due to the coffee grounds, but remember to apply it according to your routine and not too often.  You can also blend different oils and use the mixture as a skin cleanser.

Finding a balance is important, there’s no need to use an excessive amount of different products for nurturing your skin. You should let you skin breathe and use only a few beneficial products to achieve the optimal results. 

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The ultimate skincare guide for minimalists - from choosing the right routine for your skin type to mixing natural ingredient combinations. Sometimes, less is more.