The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers

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Skincare lovers of the world unite! Whether you’re searching for ideas for your own wishlist or looking for gifts for a skincare addict, I’ve got you covered. I’m sure by now you’ve watched a plethora of beauty gift guides fly by covering everything from fluffy socks to the latest tech gadgets. I’ll keep it simple. We’re sticking to skincare here because it’s the one area of beauty I can recommend highly and it can be a tricky one to buy into gift wise depending on budget and how well you know a person.


A skincare lover’s dream may well be to receive a stocking filled with travel sized skincare (and some chocolate). Equally, if you’re looking for secret Santa gifts for beauty lovers here are a few options.

> Steamcream> - A beautifully light cream that mixes well with oils. They have cute limited edition Christmas tins and a star you can hang on the tree.

> Konjac Sponge> have brought out these wonderfully packaged mini sponges. The Rudolph one is brilliant.

> Lipbalm!> - Most people use lip balm and for less than a tenner, you can treat someone to a pretty luxe one. Nuxe Reve De Miel is a classic and comes in a variety of limited edition coloured lids for the same price. I love this Kiehl’s Lip Balm too. And if you’re looking to spread the cost of a gift between three people you could buy a pack of Glossier’s Balm Dot Comand wrap them individually in some tissue paper and ribbon. There’s also these hilariously cute novelty ones from Tony MolyOr, you could go tinted with the Too Cool for School Dinoplatz.

> For the traveller - If you’re someone who hoards skincare sample vials and sachets and never use them, here’s a free gifting option. Gather them together (between 10-20 sachets), wrap in tissue paper, add a note and ribbon and you’ve got yourself a cute little gift for someone who travels a lot. In flight skincare from sachets is much appreciated. Alternatively, Aurelia’s Jet Set Weekenderset is just £10 and will give anyone a beautiful welcome into the brand.

The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers stocking fillers and secret santas. Sheet masks.
The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers stocking fillers and secret santas. Lip balms.

Sheet Masks

These get a whole paragraph of their own. You could go for one or two novelty ones to fulfill this category. Tony Moly have these adorable Pokemon sheet masks and this Oh K! Panda step mask is a cute choice. Step masks are a good option to introduce something different. And to pre-empt a Post-Christmas pamper session, an under eye mask would be welcomed. Check out this post for more sheet mask options.


Just because you know someone well or they’re a long time friend or even a sibling doesn’t mean you can always afford to spend dollar on them. Here are a few options that won’t break the bank but still say “I thought about you and your skincare needs and this is what I came up with”.

Pixi Beauty’s Best of Bright (£20.00) - My three favourite Pixi Skintreats in one sweet package. I’ve reviewed these all before if you’re curious. A great pick for someone to discover the best of the brand and yearns for a glowing complexion. My skin can be quite sensitive but I got along well with this.

It doesn’t get much more adorable that the Oh K! Panda Cleansing Kit. Alternatively, you could pick from their selection of beauty offerings and put together your own gift set. Buy a roll of cellophane and ribbon from Ebay and you’re all set.

The Double Cleansing Duo - Wrap together an oil based cleanser and a balm. This can be applied to any budget. To add a little more thought you could write out or print guidelines on facial massage techniques and pop it on a card inside. The Body Shop - Camomile Cleansing Butter + Silky Cleansing Oil = £20.00 OR Superfacialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil (currently on offer) + Heimish All Clean Balm = £21.00

akoma cleansing powder face mask.jpg

Su:m 37 Rose Cleansing Stick - Beautifully nourishing, fermented skincare at its finest. A great introduction into Korean skincare and a top seller from the brand.

Face towels - I don’t know about you but I go through a lot of face cloths and muslins and the like for cleansing. So a set of fresh, fluffy ones would be a welcomed gift. For example, you could get someone 7 (for a week) face towels from The White Company, or the muslin pack from Aurelia.

Budget Pamper Set - Akoma Face Mask Powder + A little glass bowl + foundation brush. A thoughtful option for anyone you know that needs to slow down and take some time to themselves.

Men have skin too (and sometimes beards) - I don’t know if this stems from my love of facial oils but beard oils intrigue me. Here are a few independent brand options with swish packaging.

  • Alpha Grooming Beard Oils Gift Box (£19.99) - very stylish and comes with 4 oils.
  • Post-Workout Kit - for the gym goer or runner. I definitely suggest making up a gift like this yourself. Get a box, add some Radox Bath soaks, epsom salts, Salt of the Earth deodorant and a muscle gel. Tailor it buy scent and wrapping (ladies, this one is for you too).
  • A Frank body scrub because everyone should exfoliate.


I realise this is getting quite long now so let’s wrap things up with some of the most luxurious skincare gifts.

The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers Luxury skincare gifts
The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers Luxury skincare gifts

Any of the Aurelia Skincare gift sets - They’re all amazing but I’d highly recommend the Brighten Collection (£60.00) which includes the cleanser, day cream and a travel size of their new botanical essence.

A beard kit in a tin - Clever and funny you can personalise it with an engraved comb and add extra products.

The ultimate pamper kit - You’ll need a big basket for this one. As an example you could include, sheet masks, under eye masks, bath salts, a candle, a book, a hair mask, fluffy dressing gown and stack of fluffy face cloths like these from Emma Hardie.

Oskia’s Renaissance Collection (£85.00) - For any fan of the cult classic or someone who you want to introduce to the brand. Includes the Cleansing gel, hand cream and mask.

A year’s supply of sheet masks - On the basis of using one a week, even at 52 sheet masks this could end up being close to £100 but if you’ve got the budget and someone obsessed with sheet masks, this is could be an amazing gift. Amazon and eBay do offer bulk sets so it’s worth a browse.

Bryt Skincare Gift Box (£80.00) - I love this brand and individually, each product is affordable, effective and amazing quality. This box contains the makeup remover, cleanser, day and night moisturisers and a serum of your choice colorfully wrapped.

A spa treatment - I would highligly recommend the spa at Brown’s Hotel in London but definitely check out websites like for good deals.


The Gift Guide For Skincare Lovers. Everything from stocking fillers and secret Santa options to the most luxury of skincare offerings.
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